Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

November 5

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

Belly of the beast.

After being here an hour, I sent the following text:

Not much data yet. In bed with no buzzer and staffing is thin at best.

A few minutes later:

Love, I’m not able to be reliable on communications right now, cell & internet poor as well as access to phone and computer may be intermittent.  FYI.

Meanwhile America writhes in turmoil, anxiously awaiting the outcome of the recent election.

My neighbors TV in the small room booming Real life stories of murder, mayhem, and destruction.

The gentleman maintenance man, Jericho, just dropped off a small metal front desk bell which I am to use to call for help as needed.

The circumstance does not lend itself to comfort, not easily.

The bed at least has some technology in the air mattress which may prevent skin breakdown to some degree.

Although the controls on the bed or not accessible to me, so sitting up and laying down will depend a great deal on the small metal bell.

So far the degree of English spoken in the facility seems mostly well enough, Some as a second language, some not a particular dialect of English I am familiar with.

I’m starting to recognize more and more in the contacts, there is far more than one America.

The Young woman who has been assigned to my case just dropped off a deep red textured blanket for warmth, the texture looks almost magical. Swirls and Ripples of patterned fabric give rise to some sheen.

Technology is not particularly cooperative right now either. I will attempt to rest and meditate, awaiting Dawn’s light and a new day to show me the way.

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