Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

November 4

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

Moments before eight in the day feels got away. Full, full, full.

We may have found a skilled nursing facility that will work for me, we will in fact know by the end of day tomorrow. Possibly quite sooner.

Establishment of the trust will cost more than expected, an important expense nonetheless. AND selling the house will be more of an immediate weighted task, Precipitating people focus on moving out sooner than expected.

So much more than expected. I should stop expecting 😉

Received a couple of inquiries on the car this morning, again pressing the issue with logistics Dash so much to handle  from such remote locations as the little 8‘ x 10‘ hermitage I’ve been enjoying lately..

Fortunately Elisa, aunt Mary, Alia, and others have stepped forward.

Today was filled with an isolation of meetings and reclining in body care, Right up until meditation class with Dan, the Wednesday night usual.

This event was particularly special here in this corner of the hospital, surrounded by so many vulnerable souls.

The elections continue to reverberate and no one is just quite settled yet.

Bringing A couple of hours of meditative awareness, supported by 67 other practitioners, felt like a special gift, both receive, and to be a part of giving this evening.

The morning is another “out of the gate“ energy. First priority is to call the new nursing home and confirm their ability and availability to treatment. Assuming that goes well, I may be underway as early as noon.

The adventure continues…

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