Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

November 3

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

The Reading glasses, lovingly provided by the care team here, are about triple the necessary strength.

As I’ve rarely use these aids, it’s quite a new experience. The phone appears double side sized and elongated, perhaps just the right distance for this magnification.

Tonight brings us to a week in the hospital. I can tell, reflecting on the day, that it’s time to start more seriously focusing on my body.

so far the work has been, healing, orienting, investigating avenues, in that order.

Today the healing has gone well, to the point of fully recovered with only the side effect of regular anabiotic‘s remaining.

Orientation has been reasonably accomplished, as has been reflected to me by the doctors following my case with interest, and the phone call with a friend today to help me refine the list of questions to ask the attorney tomorrow. “Good question.“ “Good question.“ “Good question.“ came the response again and again as we made it through the list of inquiry I had established already.

Of course the phone call was better than that and together we generated an additional set of very good questions.

The investigation of avenues continues, in parallel on multiple fronts, each with very narrow margins, but clear fulcrum points in place. At this point that aspect of things proceeds somewhat automatically.

Nearly 7 PM and I reflect back to the morning starting somewhere before that, seeing mostly a blur, although much was accomplished and vitality flowed throughout.

The blur tells me to tend more to the body. My mind has been active, I’ve been careful to rest periodically, But movement of the legs has been absent and I’m sure my blood pressure would ill suffer quickly rising without draining the fluid’s near completely from my head.

I have meetings set in the morning with the attorney to discuss the special needs trust, and in the afternoon for a video walk-through of the home with Eugenia to help settle the logistics for showing.

Additionally there appear to be some skilled nursing facilities potentially able to buck the apparent ban on digital stimulation, this may just be wishful thinking on the part of the social worker, but we shall see.

The email inbox, days behind has been wrangled, and a variety of offers of help are starting to filter their way into practical application.

I will wind the evening down now with a movie, some meditation, and bed.

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