Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

November 2

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

This morning feels like a week ago. My neighbor snores softly, the bathroom and hallway door slightly ajar provide some ambient light in a room dark and barely lit by the silent TV behind the curtain.

Monday has come and is quietly going.

I expected a call this morning from the skilled nursing facility, some research from the head nurse to describe the limitations of they are bowel support capacities.

No call came. Further investigation revealed that no response is indeed the answer.

Options continue to dwindle, at the same time, whispers of new possibility emerge as the granularity of the question continues to refine. What are the existing avenues for “safe discharge“ of this quadriplegic?

Strangely, the social worker seemed the least helpful person today on the matter, simply leaving me to ask my doctor and nurse, like a nurse is no longer perform the digital disimpaction? A question that still lingers.

Doctors were encouraging and curious, Nurse is too. Urologist came to change the catheter today, formally a procedure. This event open the window for a visitor and Elisa stopped by, sharing news of  friends and family and thoughts of her own.

Meanwhile, the blush appraisal of the house appears better than expected, though  some offset costs may also be larger than anticipated.

The gate is finished and beautiful. My stab in the dark at sealing the pond appears to be a success. Miscellaneous repairs on the house have been made, all thanks to Mike, while Miss Patience packed.

They have begun their journey east today, and house sits quiet, Awaiting it’s coming transformation.

Dr. Mike called in late this afternoon. Always good to have a friend inside the system. He will do some research tomorrow in parallel to my own, more will be known.

six days into this thing. I’m orienting more now to The forest for the trees. I’ve been in the thickets and briars. It appears there are no paths, navigation will be from the stars on this trip.

I’m eating well enough.

Sleep did not go as well as hoped last evening. Perhaps tonight will be better.

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