Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

November 15

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

I miss read, or rather was miss lead by an email subject line and thought yesterday was the full moon. It was the new moon. The darkness out my window tonight under clear skies accentuates this fact. What was before has gone away, what may come is yet to arise.

Some cultures long ago measured the new moon, not by the darkness of its absence, but by it’s Crescent return–the new emergency of light following the darkness.
Sunday in hospital, the day a blur. Some discomfort woke me periodically in the night. I suspect odd equipment is to blame. The test specimen of urine I sent in the morning has come back clean. Good news on the health front.
I took my time in the morning, rising to meditate before breakfast. A phone call with David, some text messages with Alia, stefanie, and the neighbor bruna, help from my nursing friends to clean up a bit and undergo elimination, all a swirl of activity by noon, and then quiet.
Charles and Elisa called in the afternoon, just friendly check-in’s, and the day was still.
The morning was crisp, I can see easily far into Mexico under a luminous blue sky. The mist I have been noticing in the mornings was revealed to be not so much vapor, but particulate, less fairytale and more rugged reality.
The drainage issue has persisted through the day and my body has been a bit on edge as a result. A quick visit from the doctors this morning lent substance to the preparations for tomorrow’s anticipated change of scenery. If all goes well I should be underway to home before noon.
Such uncertain ground lately I almost hesitate even to mention such hopeful possibilities.
Stephanie went for covid testing yesterday, results will be a few days out, meanwhile two of the people she has been working with lately have tested positive. Even a short quarantine will encumber her and will call for MettaCare creativity in dynamic support. Adjustments would also be required at Mill Peak as she is the anticipated morning care partner for two of the days this week.
Shift change has just passed and I’ve met my nurses for the evening. Dorothy has just come by to check my vitals, everything normal, the blood pressure just a little high likely in response to the body discomfort.
The afternoon has been a wash of movies and YouTube videos with just a little recline and rest thrown in for measure.

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