Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

November 11

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

Winter hours in effect , thoroughly dark now before 5:30 p.m. My body has been in distress in cycles of dysreflexia for about the past 20 hours. Origin unknown, suspected cause being the bacon that has made its way into my morning breakfast burritos without my anticipation or recognition.

It’s been a tiring Veterans Day in that regard, waves of discomfort ebbing and flowing through, keeping at bay any semblance of continuity or focus today.
Stephanie just called, scheduling confusion with her other responsibilities have called into question her availability next week. This puts my discharge plans from the hospital over the edge from fragile to downright uncertain.
One of those days it seems.
Not much else to say about today… sleep last night was restless, repeating a bowel program at 5 AM in efforts to alleviate the throbbing discomforts, to no avail.
Finally this afternoon saw my elimination beginning to right itself. Little wins, as Tyler advises, Count the little wins.
Charles made it through his surgery with Grace and good fortune and will be returning home within the day if not already at the time of this writing. Good news on that front. Elisa’s K9, Cienna I also had a run-in yesterday with some stitches, she too is on the mend, seemingly well in that regard. Nice to have some reflections of well being in adversity to breathe in these days.
Mostly today has been a blur of hospital bed, News updates, and Netflix shows as I make my way optimistically through current bodily dysfunction.
I’ll know more regarding Stephanie’s availability by the end of day tomorrow, meanwhile I hope to wake with enough energy and Focus to rally some Plan B, or is it by now, perhaps plan Q? I think I’ve lost count.
On the bright side, my friends here on the hospital staff, doctors and nurses alike have continued to be lovely rays of light, going beautifully about their business well keeping I loving I turned in my direction. Little wins.

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