Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

November 10

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

Writing and publishing on the same day, now  for the first time in two weeks. The cycle oscillates inwards.

Dr. Alice Chen stopped by this evening, just after dusk to offer an osteopathic adjustment. I am not on her normal route. Thanks to some encouragement by Dr. Mike, she left clinic this evening up the street and made a special stop here at the Hillcrest branch hospital to offer me some care.

Dr. Chen is spearheading the effort to bring inpatient osteopathic care into the UC hospital system. So far she and two other osteopaths are able to offer the service at the La Jolla branch, with hopes of expanding into the Hillcrest location in the future.

Her visit today was the perfect complement to a day filled with gracious nuance.

My nurse this morning, Ashley, as it turns out is a fellow Montanan, though from the far eastern portion of the state, and north, an area almost entirely unfamiliar to me.

She laughed when I asked if she was familiar with the miles city bucking horse sale. An event I may be attending once as a small child, but recall readily as a frequent annual pilgrimage for my father and his friends.

“It seems like every year, I or my cousins would be cited for a minor in possession.“ She reminisced.

After breakfast, Jessica stopped by again, this time with Gabby and the two of them helped me to sit up in bed, dangle my feet off the side, and eventually sit in my wheelchair to wander the halls for a moment in preparation for getting me more formally out of bed and back into the world.

This was a good start to the day.

After this I managed to put together a care hiring ad and get it into circulation. A few hours later, Ahlea called on video and the two of us took a walk through one of the possible apartments I may be moving to in the near future.

The days seem to fly by. I woke up this morning to Crystal blue sky, clear and sharp.

Far on the horizon to the south, silhouetting the San Diego landscape, there was a low mist creeping inland from the ocean. The upper edge of which defined in relief, the mountains and mesas of Mexico beyond.

Before I knew it, the western faces of the buildings just outside were illuminated by the setting sun.

I had a nice call with Vanessa this morning, confirming her availability for the coming week. Slowly but surely I find myself inching towards some resolution of the recent tensions.

It seems there must’ve been more, Yet the days are beginning to blur, as they do, in bed, in the hospital, stationary anywhere for some long period of time.

This reminds me of meditation caves in the mountains of Asia. Maybe it’s more than a blur, maybe just a softening of the edges of something ephemeral melting away to reveal the radiant majesty beyond.

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