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Not a podcast…

|1 year, 3 months ago

Another day defaulting to the medium of the written word over the spoken audio… Accessibility has a lot to do with it.

I have a podcast app on my phone which is simple enough, simply press the button and start speaking. Probably a matter of habit.

To be fair, there are fewer variables to navigate for blog publication, at least until one has adequate structures in place. For this platform, my only concern is really overlooked transcription errors which remedy quite easily.

In the recorded audio environment, there is a matter of background sound and continuity – it’s often not easy to read where my mind wanders silent for a minute and 1/2 before returning to the page.

Additional sounds that leave a mark are easily removed before publication. I imagine these things will iron out as I get closer to an ongoing and somewhat refined podcast discipline, but for today in the midst of all the other moving parts, the ability to share with ease is at a premium.

Today is the birthday of Russell, Linda, and Marsha, in the Netherlands (I believe), Montana, and Northern County San Diego respectively, and all at once of course. Each of these souls have touched my life in very different, but all very sacred ways.

I stepped outside briefly this morning, it’s hot here in San Diego this first day of March, 2021, at least in the sun the rays are unrelenting. My attire in all black probably aided the solar collection, leaving me well cooked in a matter of minutes.

Also today, visit from my friend Ron and his friend Steve to discuss and explore perspectives on the constructs opportunities and tensions arising from the novel technology of crypto currencies currently sweeping the globe.

I caught myself at one point feeling giddy like a child to be playing with others in this territory of inquiry, a bit like rushing down through the forest to the lake in anticipation of a cold swim on a hot summers day.

Next was a phone call with Eugenia, again warming myself in the sunshine, to learn that we have three possible offers pending on the home and to educate me on the next steps in the process. Positive and exciting news there which, with luck, will materialize this week into more formal motion and a successful closing of this chapter of things.

The afternoon wove through only slightly more mundane engagements, beginning in more earnest effort to find our next Care Partners, nudging forward the website redesign underway from my friend Dean, and the tenderness of correspondence for no other purpose than the sharing of love with loved ones.

Vanessa and I had a lovely day together, rising easily through the morning with levity of spirit and preparing for our guests. The busyness of the day kept us from much detailed interaction, but the nature of our friendship seems to be taking hold ever more deeply in a sense of ease and appreciation for one another in a more effortless sense.

My new friend Terra took over in the afternoon, we are still getting our groove on in this new territory. It’s an interesting dynamic for me, as Terra is just six months older than my daughter which creates a sense of continuity as my engagement and care for this young woman picks up at pace from where my time with Jett leaves off, and just a few years down the road.

She is sweeping the floors, preheating the oven for pizza, and listening to Harry Potter on the audiobook as we speak.

In the interest of posterity for this March 1, the remaining point of note is probably just a nod of appreciation to the work of Daniel Brown whose efforts today yet again aided my opportunity and good fortune of exposure to the Dharma and the clarity of mind from which it emerges.

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