Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

No result…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Optimism suggested the MRI results might be in as early as last evening. 24 hours later, still no luck.

I keep feeling my situation as a privileged American in the midst of this pandemic. Even as this country portrays a paltry example for the rest of the world, nonetheless I can’t help but notice the wealth of the world all around us. Clean and affective roadways, massive infrastructure, grocery delivery services…

Corona has created numerous”impositions” on this otherwise pristine lifestyle and I can’t help but notice but something as simple as getting scan results back from the hospital, let alone having to wait “A whole day!” Is most likely a privilege reserved very few of us indeed.

For me it is another day in bed, lingering questions of why I can’t sit up without distress, and what but time or nothing at all may be done to remedy that condition.

Naturally it’s driving me towards more resourcefulness and I was able to get a little more clerical work done from bed today, though I’m still a long ways away from general productivity. I guess I have a lot of time anyway to be still and let pictures of work to be done ship them selves in my mind.

The sun is low, not yet 90° to the window. 90° comes in a few minutes, and also to the thermometer tomorrow. The ceiling fan casts the cool evening air down onto my body and my family when chimes prouder on with their view of the trees and hillsides, valley and freeway beyond.


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