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Kabir Kadre

New moon simple

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

The new moon direct just moments ago, my new pitbull friend, Uma is alternating exploring the house and resting by my chair as I work. Patience brought her with her today in order to stay on a few extra hours as I was unable to get skilled care from the agency to get me to bed this evening and this will allow me to get a little more out of the day.

Uma is unsurprisingly sweet and adorable and brings a lovely air of presence into the house.

I passed on breakfast this morning to see if I could reduce the variables in effort to discover the source of my recent persistent discomforts. It is with mixed feelings that I report the food seems to have little initiatory causal effect. I have not eaten and yet somehow the discomfort is creeping in.

The ladies are stepping out the door just now for a little morning walk and I will likely find my way into the sunshine in the garden to let the heat and light do its thing and cut through some of the discomfort.

Monday is off to a start no doubt. The way too many pressure wounds on my backside of all resolved to a state of nonissue and wellness. We persisted with additional treatment regime this morning nonetheless just make sure everything was good and healed and then some.

Moving through some technical issues with the platform I use to score developmental assessments created some surface area for dialogue this morning and I’ve checked the boxes on most of the simple clerical matters of the day.

Next order of business will be breakfast and ultimately deciding if I’ve got the bandwidth to bug off for a few hours and find a little wilderness to get up to for an exhale. We’ll have to see how that jibes with our care of Uma today, but even just writing it down here makes me think it’s probably high on the priority list.

With so much plenty to do it’s easy to minimize the importance of occasionally getting away, but maybe this persistent discomfort has as much to do with stagnancy of environment as anything else.

Again I notice writing in the morning produces a very different quality of fullness to express. So I’ll off to the day and see what stories it brings for tomorrow…

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