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New Moon musings…

Kabir kadre|2 years, 1 month ago

This is the moment of the new moon, the moon conjunct the sun in the sky in the region of the Gemini constellation. Truly, we are moment after as I write these words, three minutes ago was the most direct expression of this alignment that we will see for the moment.

Do these various gravitational bodies have some gross or subtle physical force upon the worlds, and us living in them? Do we collectively have some karmic memory of archetypical experience that we associate with these bodies that somehow informs our proclivities for action and reflection?

My friend Daniel calls the subject of astrology “the highest of the lower mysteries,” and enacts a rich school of meaning making an inquiry around the subject. Astrology as a subject has been debunked quite thoroughly in the minds of some. In others, the geomantic arrangement of every particle and body in the cosmos is, at its essence, who we are and understanding that sacred geometry is of the highest order of understanding.

The new moon measures the passage time, providing some continuity to the seasons and years of our lives. Some cultures measure these phenomena in terms of “masculine” and “feminine,” attributing some qualities loosely related to male and female to these astronomical movements.

My own cosmology, I suppose, is somewhat wedded to these phenomenological manifestations and I have a warm feeling of appreciation on my interior in relation to these events.

Yesterday evening I found myself drawn to the project of archiving and deleting photos from my photo library. Whenever I go looking for pictures of the past years I’ve been met with a wall of over 20,000 photos through which to dig in efforts to find some particular expression of interest in the moment. The experience has constantly left me feeling overwhelmed and less than satisfied so recently I have determined to eliminate the clutter and am taking a few moments every now and again to nudge that project forward.

Looking over my shoulder last evening, Cassandra mentioned “you always do things like this around the new moon.” I hadn’t considered that.

“Really?” I said. She replied, reminding me how I was doing something very similar last month (I don’t recall in this moment the incident she referenced), and it made perfect sense to me – “Yep” those activities do or have the quality of clearing out.

I slept long last night, stirring some I think in the late morning – still well before dawn – but overall resting deeply from before 10 PM until nearly 8 AM when Caitlin would arrive this morning.

Some cultures have measured the new moon by its return. Simply the absence of that body in the night sky denotes its having departed, but until the crescent light returns, there is no moon to call new.

Objectivity is the illusion of the mind “seeing itself.” That’s not quite right. Certainly I can be aware of my awareness and that awareness is not separate from that awareness described as “my awareness” in the first place. “Thought, therefore, existence.” Said the great thinker long ago. The distinction I think I am referring to is that what we call “objectivity” does not describe some “out there” reality, but rather the constructs of mind created from what awareness perceives as a “human perceptual apparatus.”

Subjectivity is referred to as the mind or self or cultural reactivity/response to what “is.” In the sense that that “is” remains at its essence a construct of mind manufactured from other constructs of mind, objectivity and subjectivity are really in essence the same thing.

I have long loved the Native American expression “may you walk in a beauty way.” Not the way of truth, not the way of righteousness, or justice, but beauty, we hold forth as the measure of our joy and expression of our well-being.

Of course truth, righteousness, justice, all have their place in our pantheon of experience, meaning, and relating to one another. If we do not live and act, through beauty at its essence though, do we not destroy our own selves in the process?

Where is the new moon, if not in relation to the earth? As Heisenberg suggests, is not the observer always an implicate part of the observation?

Last night as I sat in the dining room, thumbing through YouTube as is my habit while Cassandra makes dinner and we chat lightly back and forth, I came across a video description: “David Blaine will guess your card through the Internet.”

Not one to be easily fooled, unless that fooling is to trick me into responding to some challenge of course ;-), I shouted across the kitchen, “eight of diamonds!” No tricky famous magician was going to lure me into choosing the card they wanted from me.

Of course then now the end of the story must be plain. I clicked on the video, and moments later, there was Mr. Blaine holding up the eight of diamonds. “Wait!?” I gasped. Who did that? Me? Him?

Is there really a meaningful difference? Useful perhaps, yes, but meaningful? And useful for what, exactly? Forever, or is that contextually bound to a certain place in the cosmos, or period of time in evolution?

The new moon is now 30 minutes behind us, this moment in the constellation of Gemini relative to where I sit here in the birds nest overlooking the Mission Valley in San Diego, all names constructed, definitions of distinction out of which I make my day.

What’s for breakfast? I have begun and will celebrate the birthdays of my friends Elliot and Greg today. Yesterday Caroline and I, but mostly Caroline, cleared the tool shed in the garage and cleared and organized the space along the side of the house to plant a garden. More energy of clearing (room for the new.)

What does any of this mean? I don’t know? How long do we all have to wear masks anyway?

Again the sky is crystal blue, the sun is bright, and the day warm. Again I opened the garage doors first thing on the way from the bedroom this morning. Again the sound of the waterfall and the fresh air of the day trickles in.

May I walk in a beauty way today. May we all walk in the beauty way today and always, again.

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