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Kabir Kadre

Moments of friendship

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 8 months ago

Nearly halfway through the 10th month of the year, it feels like only yesterday that I archived the entries for September.

I’m almost distracted looking over my left shoulder now, some somber orange color to the sky on the horizon and of the deep dark of night dropping rapidly from above.

Against the pine needles overhead and the silhouette of hillside and a river of traffic flowing into the busy valley below, there is a fine art quality to the moment and the view.

Speaking of the view, I’m feeling particularly privileged just now, just having come off of the weekly video meditation engagement with the Pointing Out the Great Way community gathered around Dan Brown. These Buddhist teachings center on the view as a way to realization of the Great Perfection that is ever present.

I was honored to have a letter on hand from a wise and centered soul, written open and distributed freely from the sincere longing for the well-being of the world and this country in particular in this cute moment. I offered to share his words with the community and was delighted when the call finished to find about 20 inquiries waiting in my inbox.

As I went through the list replying to each, I found great joy welling up in me to be so fortunate to have the network of truly remarkable people surrounding me that gifts like this would flow to me, leaving me subsequently vulnerable to flow them to even more remarkable people. Joy, pride, gratitude, peace… We worked with these feelings in the meditation today.

It’s been a busy day after waking at 3 AM. Still testing rest without the chemical supports, three days, three different experiences, praying this night brings a longer and more restful slumber.

Continuing the remediation of the bedbug intrusion took some centerstage of my thought and intentions today. At one point, Stephanie, Cassandra, David, and myself all waded into the room together to upturn the mattress, shine flashlights into corners, and vacuum. One dead carcass presented itself, either good news, or bad depending on how well anyone else was hiding.

An appointment with the exterminator is next.

Stephanie was back from her road trip with her dad, her first time to Colorado and high mountain forests, quite the contrast for a rugged city girl and she was wearing the delight of the journey.

I learned from her that it sounds as though LB has achieved some accommodations, still posting on social media, but no longer communicating this direction. I do think I understand his likely broken heart, the road I offered was hard no doubt, I hope best for him.

Now I must turn to filling those shifts!

Today was otherwise a day of mundane tasks, with a little flair to remind me of the magic.

David and Cassandra came by to share smiles, cook lunch, and do laundry – and the first to be conscripted into the aforementioned battle for a few moments. Seeing them together again drives home the point of the truly changing times across scale.

Later in the afternoon my friend Kari sat down with me for an hour to offer some of her professional expertise to aid me in crafting a better professional profile and to refine a CV with the intent of better fortune both in finding clients and possible salaried or contract employment.

We are old friends and don’t get nearly enough time together so the hour was multilayered with pleasure. We are on calendar again to carry forward further tomorrow.

It is the birthday of another great Buddhist teacher today. I truly am blessed be touched by so many generous and caring people from nearly every corner of the world.

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