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Kabir Kadre

May all beings be well

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

Bitcoin made new all-time highs today on two of three major exchanges that I’ve been following…

Nova reached out a few minutes ago and asked if I was feeling all right. I had to stop and think. I was surprised to find the silence took substantially longer to give rise to insight on the matter that I might have suspected.

Nova is now in the kitchen assembling pizza for dinner; my recent go to for ease and simplicity.

I just sent a list of questions to the estates attorney after reviewing the first draft of the special needs trust that will play an instrumental role in the next phase of structures to support this unfolding life journey.

I had hoped to hear back from the property manager of the apartment in question today. Silence. I squirmed a little, reaching out late in the afternoon to Tyler and Elisa who have been my good counsel on this matter to consider sending another prompt. I opted for silence myself having said already all that needs saying at this stage of the process.

It is brother Ira’s birthday today. I was up and mobile at the lovely, and for me early, hour of 8 AM. It felt a privilege to reach out fresh to wish him a happy birthday. He would be spending the day home and quiet playing dad to a beautiful and brilliant son. “It’s going to be warm here today,” I said, “maybe 80°.”

“It’s expected to snow 3 inches here.” He said in reply. Oh the beauty of polarities… 🙂 He laughed when I told him what the property manager had put in writing. He and his wife (she is also a quadriplegic) have managed any number of disability rights and discrimination matters; they have a family trait of strong aversion to injustice. I guess maybe I do too a bit.

9 AM arrived and the workday was in effect. Clerical matters with the bank, touching in with the attorney, following up with Medicare on the charges starting to trickle in from the nursing home affair, and closing up the final details of the car sale… In the midst of it, Vanessa managed to research a reliable drycleaner, and I put a haircut on the books for tomorrow – the first since the pandemic began.

Coming into the day, I had hoped to begin settling the matter of the housing. Ground you know, rather a nice subject to be clear about. Putting the polish on the auto sale takes that large item into the proverbial rearview. Finding care and advancing the matter of the home sale are the other two big rocks.

The ground matter would remain unsettled… The day would create its own space…

I spent some time composing a new invitation and reaching out to another cohort of potential care partners. Vanessa was putting up from breakfast and dusting the bits that David and Cassandra and I had brought down from the attic the other day.

We spent about an hour in the garage, open to the warm winter air, beginning to stage the area in support of moving. I thought we accomplished a lot, phase 1 of garage staging: success.

Nova was back from her morning errands and the three of us adjourned outside into the sun for tea and coffee and lunch. Afterwards was naptime for Nova, and work time for me. Our friends at STAGES International have launched a new product which seems to be leading to some steady work for me in the near term. Good news there indeed. I do richly enjoy that particular brand of effort.

I spent 30 minutes at the earning desk before it was time to work a little more with Vanessa to take a few things to the cleaner and for repair on her way out the door.

She left just as the first draft copy of the special needs trust came in from the attorney. I spent the next few hours co-working with Nova at the next desk on a call for a class she is taking while I poured over 16 pages of legalese.

“How are you feeling?” She asked. I grew quiet, still, looking over my shoulder to the monitors and out the window to the hillside for clues. The matter of housing discrimination is really unsettling. There is a lot going well right now, a lot of energy moving, and a lot of good support from loving hearts around me. I’ve been resting well, having good energy in the day, and staying healthy. My meditation practice has been more balanced lately.

I’m upset. Of all the simple things that might’ve fallen so gracefully into place. Elisa in her lovely good nature found the perfect spot – good neighborhood, excellent unit, right price point, and timely – the application wasn’t even available online until I requested it be put up. And to be disrupted by such stupidity.

I once had a great deal invested in crypto currencies; a great deal of finance that is. I have only crumbs today, but have been diligently studying that market for over three years now. It has been the source of tremendous exuberance, anxiety, gain, and loss. It has opened my eyes wide to economics, risk management, investment, and finance, to say nothing of the revolutionary implications of the new technology.

The world is bizarre right now, for those of us living in modern industrialized societies… For the bulk of humanity, the world is much the same as it has been, bizarre nonetheless. Today, as I said, bitcoin set new all-time price highs on two of the three major exchanges that I monitor. The monthly close across the board suggests major surges forward in that industry are wholly upon us in many respects.

The world suffers today from an ignorance of economy. The infrastructures of new economics, technological, spiritual, and social, are being born all around and within us.

It’s a deeply human affair, this living. Such upsetting stupidity, yet so much grace and good fortune.

May all beings be well and happy. May all beings be free from suffering. May all beings know peace.

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