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Kabir Kadre

May all beings be happy

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 9 months ago

Thump, thump thump, this time it’s just the hip-hop music going in the background, though the spasms in my body seem to be happily bumping out their own rhythm as well.

The air is moist and sweet, cool for the vapor but warm for the sun hidden high above. A kind of damp crispness permeates the late afternoon, Sunday feeling like Sunday collapsed on the couch, eyes closed, starting to think about dinner, and turning into Monday. Sunday that is, not me.

I woke up feeling tired, expecting my alarm which never came. Eyes still closed I heard Patience come into the room for our morning meditation appointment, thinking she was early I remained still a moment longer before I thought to check. 6:59 AM, oh yes, no alarm. Time to rise.

I thought I might sleep after, or maybe doze a bit during wound recovery. Not so. Instead that time was spent listening to bright and humble souls discussing the nature of a community stewarding new technology into being.

The podcast finished perfectly corresponding to the transition from bed to upright and toothbrushing and face and hair and out the door. Oatmeal had already been cooking on the stove so turnaround was quick and out to the garden for breakfast in the warm late morning air.

The day started with the mundane weekly task of reviewing the past days and looking forward to those coming through the lens of projects, correspondence, and happenings.

On the schedule today was a call with old friend Katherine whom I was tickled to see this morning on the calendar was having a birthday today. Coincidence like this always warms my heart, I felt honored for the privilege to spend some small part of her special day in connection together.

Nurse, mother of two, married to an architect, Katherine always feels like a large maple tree with deep roots and wide community embracing branches, the scent of fresh air, shade, yet filled with light.

Her three-year-old was of a mind to skip the nap today so after a luxurious 30 minutes on the call it was time to turn her attention back to the duties of motherhood. Just in time for me as well, Lady P had prepared an incredible vegetable and lentil sauce over pasta for lunch. Outside to the garden again…

Next on the docket, a call with a new friend, a geologist who studies impact craters living and working in Arizona with his wife. Marc had reached out after we connect briefly in the online sangha of the Pointing Out Way teachings.

There was a hawk in the tree this morning, just outside the office. He kept calling, his voice reaching through the open window landing on my shoulder and tickling my ear. I turned around and wheeled across the room scanning the branches until he came into view. (I realize now I have no idea the gender of the bird.)

He let me look for just a few moments before deciding to swoop slightly to his left and just out of sight on another branch. Nice to be neighbors nonetheless.

Now it’s just freeway and windchimes coming in that same window. Tom Petty is coming through the speakers, calmer than the thump thump playing when I turned from my inbox and correspondence to this writing. The air is still damp, light outside, and waterfall sounds pouring through the house from the open front door.

It is Bhavana’s birthday today as well and Rael as well. Haven’t spoken to either of them for a while, one more obviously than the other, but it’s nice to have these reminders on my calendar memorializing those who have touched me and had some influence on my life over the years.

Thump thump is back on the stereo. Dinner is next, and our weekly house meeting beyond that. Much to do this week, also many prayers to hold for others. From my inbox yesterday:

“The ashland fire started a mile from my house. It blew north. Good for us but devastating for the towns of Talent and Phoenix just up the road a few miles. Swaths decimated. Thousands now homeless. We know some of them personally. Many of them migrant families. We’ve all been reeling with the impact and scrambling to help as we can. The air is hazardous to even be outside. It’s been straight up apocalyptic. That’s the thumbnail. More soon…❤️”

?? May all beings be well and happy, may all beings know peace. ??

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