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Kabir Kadre

Marking the moments of joyful transition…

Kabir kadre|2 years, 1 month ago

Top of mind is the fact that I have just had my facial hair… I don’t know, what you call it, styled? Trimmed? Cut, but not all gone?

Courtney looked at me the other day and commented that it might be good to get rid of some of the “scraggly” hairs on my cheeks. I’ve been letting my face hair grow since adopting the pandemic haircut of “everything gone.” I’ve let the share grow in the past, but never cared for its shape, just observing the waves of sensation as the process reached different stages of tickle, hair in the mouth, neck, etc.

“You’re the one that has to look at it.” I laughed, cheerfully.

This morning, the artist went to work on my face. I was surprised, and didn’t expect the joyful feeling that came with having somebody who loves you creating their version of beauty on your face. A nice new discovery with which to start the day.

Last night and this morning I listened to bits of the podcast Courtney had shared with me yesterday, a remarkably accomplished and deep woman speaking to the importance of ritual, initiation, and honoring the cycles of our experience.

Craning my chin upward towards the blades of the scissors this morning I wondered, “was this marking some point of transition or change?”

Today I’ll be visiting Dr. King, a wise elder, seasoned healer, and osteopathic practitioner – I think this will be my first time seeing him this year, an event that has been monthly for quite some time before that. Being away, as I have, from Feldenkrais, exercise therapy, osteopathic adjustments, and just the general movement of my body into and out of the car, as well as the gentle jostling that occurs as we sail down the roads in our earthbound flying machines, I’ve been aware of the enormous stillness of my physical form during the day. This encounter promises to be a deep inquiry into the cerebrospinal flows and condition of that stillness.

Certainly that marks something.

Yesterday also had some qualities of energetic shift of note. The crowdfunding campaign saw it’s first new life in some time with five new contributors joining the community, some of these friends known to me, but others whose names I’ve only just learned.

I also spent a good portion of the day focused on a new level of “community visioning” around our MettaCare initiative inspired by a new friend and collaborator who shared with me the idea of the Exponential Organization and the various principles of that construct that can facilitate a vision or initiative to really accelerate its movement into form.

While we have had many conversations over the years about the nature, disposition, quality, offering, opportunity, and wisdom of MettaCare, some in small groups, some with larger community, undertaking the simple process, as we have begun, over the last few days and reaching a threshold of energy yesterday, of describing our Massive Transformational Purpose, feels like a distinct moment in the process worth noting and recalling.

The exercise, already undertaken by five of our collaborators creates a quick and easy window into the view of wisdom and intelligence of opportunity unique to each individual, and has allowed me to begin to aggregate those insights. Already there is emerging a powerful and clear statement of intent around what is truly possible as we begin to further advance this nascent initiative of care.

After spending the bulk of the day engaged with that process and related work (which also proved to be so compelling that I continued even a bit after dinner), I enjoyed the further enrichment of participating in the first “Play Session” of the Visionary Sessions movement which continues to drive its sapling sprout root deeper into the field of our collective emergence. Indeed it is through that space that our new friend, Forrist came, bringing with him the insight of the ExO work and more.

Yesterday’s session was focused on the inquiry around what qualities might we be looking to discover and embody in the emerging “more evolved” expressions of organizational and business initiative. Our friend, Frederic has provided a framework for the history of these evolutionary expressions and our facilitator yesterday, Jeff was offering his take on how we might use that work as a steppingstone.

The concept that came forward was that of making “Joy” more central to our sensibility when it comes to designing and committing to work.

As has been reliably the case in that community, the conversation was deep, insightful, and inspiring, and perhaps most importantly, diverse. The VS process is designed in such a way as to ensure many voices contribute to the collaboration in such a way that none tends to dominate the dialogue. I’m excited to be a part of this movement and hopeful to see what may continue to grow from it.

For my own part I can certainly say that the work we are doing with MettaCare as an exceptional quality of joyfulness to it at nearly every step of the journey.

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