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Kabir Kadre

Lovely irony…

Kabir kadre|2 years, 3 months ago

In the lovely irony of ironies, I had hoped, and still may return to the subject of “help” with this posting…

An hour ago just as I was finishing up with my client for the day, I received a text message indicating that due to sudden and unavoidable circumstances at home, the caregiver I was anticipating to get me to bed next Saturday and Sunday had to quit suddenly.

[And now another hour has elapsed while Elisa critiques my draft crowdfunding campaign, my body melts down in the face of the coming rain, and Ahlea helps me craft a help-wanted…]

And me wondering if I would or wouldn’t have time to craft this narrative around the subject of help!

The stock market dropped nearly 3000 points today, in the bloodbath, bitcoin isn’t looking so bad anymore…

Everywhere I turn, people are dazed, almost mumbling the questions of whether and how to get groceries, toilet paper, what to do with their kids, their mortgages, their bills, their neighbors, their family… Meanwhile, still others chipper on about their plans to board an airplane and go on vacation, while rumors of total lockdown and national curfews ripple through the socio-sphere.

Honestly I’m just left shaking my head with the stunning irony of my own situation, catastrophic resource meltdown triggered by health concerns, mirroring the world in such a terrible and awful way.

My daughter called this morning, from Thailand (why yes, I did sleep very well thank you 😉 on the video before I was out of bed. That was of course a preciously to start the day, even if the topic of conversation was largely just our shared witnessing of something quite yet undescribable. “I’m appending all of my text messages with UEC.” She said, “Unless, Everything Changes” is the new mantra from moment to moment communications…

She and her partner run a school there and are currently confounded with questions of resource flow throughout the entire community. It sounds like she and he have sound putting themselves, but the questions of economics, they are acutely aware, extend beyond our own well-being, to the communities within which our well-being can live and thrive.

Which brings me to Facebook. After many glorious years away, I have returned to those halls today, in part simply realizing that we are going to need to use every resource at our disposal to bind ourselves together and make it through this winter of dissolution.

Today I spent the day trying to work out the kinks on my blog subscription software, polish the crowdfunding initiative, (again) refining the pathway through the countless moving parts of house and care and finance and work, stepping into service and graciously receiving help. Somehow my own juggling act seems small in this wider circus we are all living through today.

Nonetheless, the show must go on an I the happy clown within it must continue to dance to the sound of that distant calliope…

I will return to these words tomorrow, again with prayer to find the grace and skill to continue the reflection on help, something I think we all quite desperately need today.

For now, in dazed and delirious optimism, having posted the help wanted ad, and calmed my body with the space heater, it’s time to retire to dinner and bed in order to rise again tomorrow to this uncertain world, both local and global, and find my way to service in love.

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