Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Love what you can reach…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Paint is going on the walls, the first formal signs of new habitation moving into the space. Cassandra is popping corn on the stove while LB makes his way through the enrollment process versions final credits towards degree.

The ladies like my new do, but LB was concerned mistaken for a sick person after Cassandra arrived this afternoon and invited with an irresistible smile, “haircut!?” Energy is tumbling through the space in every direction. The mechanism on the sun umbrella has given up the ghost in the garden, scraps of my hair that have escaped the broom and dust pan trip to the compost are scattered on the breeze, and air is flowing through the house as the day winds down.

Rising was slow today again and the first part of the day slammed with clerical business – auto service, nursing service, wheelchair service. Stephanie continues to settle into the space and mix her unique affect into the emerging culture, a young woman of integrity, and late adolescent of innocence learning her way in the world.

This morning she did her best with what we had on hand to make an Ethiopian breakfast egg dish. A total failure in her eyes, really we have very few of the traditional ingredients, but with my unfamiliar pallet, a total success in terms of new and delicious breakfast!

We did a telephone interview with Vanessa and scheduled to see her in person on Thursday. She has an interest in care, psychotherapy, coaching, and herbal medicines, all of which suggest a synergistic fit with what is emerging here. Given the thirty-second intro, she also seemed intrigued with the outward facing aspects of our MettaCare efforts.

The rest of the corners of the day were filled in with the focus on advancing the MettaCare project through reading, correspondence, and the process of “heaeping” constructs into the emerging PowerPoint corral and sculpture studio.

Last evening’s “family affair” was a screaming success – food and laughter and thoughtful discussion late into the evening. Patience’s daughter seemed really energized by the encounter and brought an enormous creative presence and inquisitive vulnerability to the conversation.

Bed was late, even later for LB who having wrapped up the house and put me to bed still had the application process for his final credits to get launched before the midnight hour.

“Full steam ahead!” In perfect 2020 fashion, the road ahead invisible, and 20 bucks of gas in the tank. 🙂

Looking close, looking far out, it’s a wild world filled with madness and energy. Right now I’m just doing my best to love as far as I can reach.

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