Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Like shelter…

|1 year, 3 months ago

We broke 80° today, sometime near noon when I and Vuk found our way out to the patio for a cup of Joe and conversation among the spring flowers.

Outside the comfort of the direct sunlight, this body has been ebbing through waves of low-grade discomfort for most of the day. Concentration remains a challenge in these contexts, though mundane repetition such as the weekly review, and naturally fragmented tasks like searching for homes on the inter-web seemed a natural fit.

Now Terra has come, meeting Tyler and I for the monthly MettaCare conversation, and now having gone to market.

I did manage to arrange an in-person interview with a possible new care partner tomorrow somewhere in the midst of things as well as a brief window of focus for reading, today taking a moment to learn a little a life of Patrul Rinpoche and identify the eight worldly concerns.

Regardless, it is like to shelter that I turned to this writing this evening. In the face of all that might feel obstructed or out of reach or source of me out of my control, reaching within for some small token offering stands like an umbrella in a rainstorm.

The metaphor feels strange in light of the clear blue sky, heartfelt conversations of the day, chimes singing in the breeze, and the warmth and beauty of the San Diego spring blossoming both within and around.

Nonetheless that was the feeling as the metaphorical pen lit upon the metaphorical page, like shelter. Let this one last task be done today that I might retire with some small sense of completion and well-being.

There are many little things I would like to have found the attention for today. Not least of which, to write something, to consider a reflection in honor of the great work Derek Muller who recently published a video which speaks, elegantly I think, in the direction of facilitating deeper conversations that will need to emerge in the healing of humanity and our home in this biosphere and the mystery.

So aptly titled “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things,” Derek’s video grants a plain example of the way actual conspiracy drives global dynamics which worsen the condition of us all in countless ways. He reveals how these conditions come about not so much as an artifact of evil minds, but rather systemic pressures resultant from the present dominant worldviews of our species.

In his skillful and elegant way, he points to a problem, and ways that we are all united in our suffering which I think loosens a bit the grip of our isolating divisions between those pointing fingers at the conspiracy, and those pointing fingers at them.

In any case, I would like to elucidate this perhaps more elegantly and a bit more plainly, but as Mark Twain said – I don’t have time to write a short note so I’ll write a long one, in this case a long one truncated entirely.

Some time has elapsed now in the writing of this, the sun has dropped about halfway to the horizon from where it began. Terra has returned from the market, triumphant. Andy called in the midst of the writing, some time since our last encounter, igniting a little laughter of delight in my heart as his name popped up on the screen.

In winding down I will leave you with the gem I picked up along the way today…

Patrul’s Third Opportunity

Each instant, put your heart into it again.
Each moment, remind yourself again.
Each second, check yourself again.
Night and day, make your resolve again.
In the morning, commit yourself again.
Each meditation session, examine mind minutely.
Never be apart from dharma, not even accidentally.
Continually, do not forget.

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