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Kabir Kadre

Life and death

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 8 months ago

A quiet few hours just past, mostly working on formatting business materials for my website and other polish on some formal business relationships and communities. STAGES related as that community is recently ramping up to the next level.

It will be an early evening, Miss Cassandra is on her way after a long and intense week, she will be helping me in the morning as well. Gentleness will be the theme tonight.

Slept well enough last night, but can feel the toll of the time and times. A prophylactic antibiotic yesterday to accompany the catheter change today complements the stress, adding to the spasticity of the body.

Tomorrow, with two care partners on vacation and LB on the wind in the world, I’ll be remaining in bed for the day. Elisa will be by to spend some time in company and help out with the hydration and food portions of the day. Ironically I think the rest will do me good.

A little clerical work today settled most of the finances for the month and Elisa sent me some documents on the payroll protection initiatives which should give me a head start on the next.

After another of Vanessa’s elegant omelettes, and some time catching up with brother David, I knocked out the mundane business and turn my attention to an exquisite offering, decades in the making. A longtime friend and mentor when the stars align, John has at last found the room in his schedule to put down his passion of practice in a form accessible to a much wider audience.

Today I was privileged to join a small cohort of some of the finest people I’ve the pleasure to know to embark on a Senior Practitioner Group Journey under the guidance of John.

Tired, sort of rested, reasonably stressed, I came grateful to the offering, mindful of intensities wrapped around, through my body and the rest of the world. Nonetheless, even at a glance the work is powerful, and by the end of our spacious 90 minutes together I found myself stripped clean of the surface layers of those tensions, washed in the deep joy of grace and ready to roll into the next moments of time.

Nearly 6 PM now, the sun sinks through the polluted but beautiful sky. LB has checked in by text few moments ago, the first word in about two days, maybe more. “Under a bridge” came the response to just my last question regarding whereabouts.

I spent some time today also listening to a podcast from some combat weary veterans discussing their view of the inevitable US Civil War. The conversation was a stark departure from my usual attention haunts and I almost couldn’t tear myself away from their foreign but deeply felt perspectives.

In contrast, my first news of the day was from our friend Joe, a delightful and exciting piece of data on the mapping of our distinct terrestrial bioregions, an important step towards MettaCare for the globe.

The Integral Polarity Practice call today took us across the subject of the threshold between life and death. We also discussed harmony, or more specifically, harmonics, I see these compliments playing out in my body today, the grace and misfortune of my condition, news of the world, and even in the flickering feathers of the hawk’s wing reflecting the light in my friend Thomas twinkling eye.

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