Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Late and disheveled

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 9 months ago

Alas I lament through the duo of autonomic dysreflexia and enormous spasticity.

It has been such a full day, so much to share, and yet… Such distraction coming out so late in the evening and so little bandwidth it feels to share it.

The morning started with sweet Stephanie’s brokenhearted news after meditation, her mother is ill, the scope of which is yet to be fully grokked.

Raising of villages great work, by which I mean great big, is of course the task before all of us today perhaps more than ever.

It is also good work, and work nonetheless.

The morning started that way, in care of the community.

Then on to more mundane matters, troubleshooting technology on multiple fronts, correspondence, course registrations, and revitalizing our medical supplies inventory management and maintenance process.

I can hear the voice of dear Dave echoing, “cutting through the clerical to get to the creative is the mandate.”

A bit of formal work on the business and then the weekly visit and osteopathic manipulation from Dr. Mike.

Reporting to him – continued tingling in the feet, continued signals coming down to the bowel, continued and increasing specificity and continued dysreflexia. All in various states of relationship.

Of course like most things today the threads of those dialogues quickly found their way to the whole sweater of the human condition worldwide.

Dinner with sweet Serbian friends – a lovely homemade cheese pie – brings sobriety to the state of our political system here, familiar to so many other countries in the world for far too long. For all the beauty and majesty and remarkable opportunity, America also seems to be going the way of the dodo.

And yet the beauty persists… As it always does… In all things…

After time with Mike I found myself late in the day and yet without lunch, brain chugging along on fumes. Rather than attempt to create I chose to regurgitate, putting down some thoughts in diagrammatic structure that have been haunting me for some time, demanding their expression.

Turns out that my view is humanity completing and returning to a cycle, a circle if you will, perhaps better a spiral, begun nearly 11,000 years ago at the dawn of agriculture. Who knew their own view? 😉

Bed soon, discomfort now, work in the morning.

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