Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Late afternoon…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Sunshine and cool air enter the room through the open sliding glass door. The musical note of the chimes and constant flush of the freeway traffic sound provide the audio backdrop.

The house quiet since noon and the departure of mourning help.

After rising slowly – to spend the day in bed – I said in motion scheduling for MRI and agency care support, both systems overtaxed. With those wheels in motion I turned to what I could.

A short morning catch up with dad, monsoon season coming to southern Arizona and the county where he lives, pandemic season as well. A kind friend dropped some N 95 masks for us the other day, i’ll be sending a couple on to southern Arizona to ease my concerns there.

I received news of financial infusion for my uncle this morning which puts us in good shape on the funding front for a few more months, with luck, enough time to really get our work on MettaCare up to speed. I feel like I’m in the research and development phase – up close and personal with the strained medical establishment. No care available, even from the agency this afternoon, and the soonest scan to determine what’s keeping me in bed – ordered urgent -not available for five days.

I turned my attention to some work I could get done on the laptop from bed–scoring developmental assessment protocols, good work if you can get it.:-) The workstation isn’t optimal so really digging into the data wasn’t on the table but I could move the project forward at least a little.

The rest of the afternoon well spent with podcasts and Space Force because, 2020.

Elisa is on her way over now with dinner and timely support to close up the house before darkness eclipses the peaceful afternoon and the sense of integrity. I have found myself in bed alone in the afternoons and evenings before, and when darkness falls and the house lights are out and the door is open, it starts to feel a little melancholy, or maybe that was just me.

I like the fellow who will be coming from the agency this evening. Retired Navy, Artist, nurse, wrestling with the identity of being a Filipino American and questions of what next in his life. He brings a reassuring, calm, curious energy and will be with me this evening for the technical bits and tomorrow evening as well.

Outside the trash trucks rumble by in the early afternoon, now replaced by the sounds of power tools, a world just out of sight.

Patience will be here in the morning, and another interview with possible care partner. I’m going to get out of bed tomorrow, testing the water again. I expect discomfort and a need to return to reclining, but I think he mobility and action will carry it’s own benefits as well.

More tomorrow…

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