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Implicate steps…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

A crisp sharp morning in July, minutes before 9:30 AM. Thanks to the new tincture of kava, some melatonin, and some grace, I slept soundly through the night, remembering somewhere in the dream space the love and gratitude I feel for Benta Winston and the magnificent service of community creation and individual education that she has nurtured in the world and that has touched me so directly.

Patience came through the door just at the 7 o’clock hour while I was still efforting to re-cohere my awareness from the drowsy effects of the herbs. It took me some moments to stir myself, and she exercised her namesake while I did so, settling herself from the 40 minute drive she had undertaken to be here.

Yesterday evening with Augusto covering his first solo evening with me went smoothly enough, though I still notice the real impact of our industrial training model in the way that he shows up to care. Certainly there is no shortage of the human intent to be of service, but things still feel a little mechanical with sudden bursts of effort that fall quickly back to his being on the phone or some other “distraction” from what may otherwise be present.

After an energizing morning yesterday of focusing on training and finance, I was able to settle the latter part of the afternoon into more generative work around documenting and sharing in more practical terms some of the struggles and resolutions I’ve been moving through in recent weeks.

I’ll continue with this task today, and for some days to follow with a sense of hopefulness that artifacts of value might prove the result of such efforts.

I settled the evening last taking in the first portion of the documentary film I found online regarding the life and work of David Bohm. David’s work has always held a peripheral but dear interest for me and I remember being touched deeply many years ago reading one of the transcripts of his dialogues with Krishnamurthy.

Questions, as he poses them, of the implicate wholeness of being, and the ways in which we might approach that with the discernment of the scientific eye have always been native to my own inquiry.

Patience is whisking together breakfast in the next room and in a few moments we will take breakfast for the both of us into the garden and morning sun to drink in a little nourishment in the forms of food, company, and nature in preparation for what promises to be a precious day of generative, creative, and sacred work.

The woman who has been playing a sort of quirky game of tag with interviewing for the positions of care was scheduled to arrive for interview this morning at 11, her second attempt. Email from earlier today indicates something to do with a misplaced Sim card needing replacement and a rescheduling for tomorrow morning at the same time.

There is some quality of her coming that has seemed ungrounded and uncertain, yet at the same time there appears to be a certain persistence that makes the inquiry, on some level rather interesting. Patience noticed the same thing this morning. Perhaps we shall see.

In other news I’m still waiting to find we have agency coverage for Friday night or if Faith will be taken up on her offer to ensure my getting to bed then. I may have mentioned she has been extraordinary in her generosity to help cover the gaps recently, and I pray we will not need to call on her for tomorrow evening as rest is undoubtedly every bit as important in service, as is action.

The windchimes echo in the morning air, the pine trees drift gently outside the window, Tibetan monks chanting comes quietly through the speakers in the corner, and the sounds of cooking emanate from the kitchen. The air is cool and fresh, the sky bright and blue.

The bitcoin price chart continues to reflect my assumptions of aggressive efforts at price controls – assumptions to be sure – and I’ll likely doodle a few lines on the chart today as these movements draw my attention to the implicate orders of things much as do the geological formations in mountains, watersheds, or any other of the expressions of living form.

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