Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

If all goes well…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Quiet morning stillness, the workweek of the Western world begins. Poetry trickles into my inbox, the gurgling stream through the open door trickles poetry into my ears.

A kind and loving agency nurse came this morning as I pulled myself, inch by inch, from slumber. Slowly, step-by-step, we made our way through the practices, out the door, down the hall… Tomorrow will be his last day on the schedule if all goes well. I gave him my card, inviting further connection, and offered to help print something from his email.

Formally “clocked out”, we spent another 15 minutes in the spirit of neighborly friendliness, and with a wave and a smile and the open front door, sunlight beyond, I’m alone in a quiet house.

LB of course still sleeping, perhaps for another hour or so. A young man sincerely picking his way into adulthood, open-heart, eyes squinting into the light.

Morning email wrangled, the lady from the agency will be here any minute and I’ll move into modes of direction. For now, a few more moments of quiet morning stillness and peaceful solitude.

Training someone to care for us, has a lot to do with training them to see the world through our eyes. The trick is doing so without occluding their own indigenous vision in the process, which creates subtle resistance and also a numbing of the intelligence.

An essential question becomes, “how can I see the world through more than one set of eyes at a time?”

I’m hopeful for a busy day. Up early enough to feel a bit prepared, and with time to soak in the morning air and sunlight in the garden over breakfast if all goes well.

If all goes well… May it be so for one and all.

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