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Kabir Kadre|1 year, 8 months ago

“Life is but a dream…” Says the old nursery song.

When one awakens, one sees the view of the ordinary mind, the same way the ordinary mind views the dream, say so many teachings of the East where the focus has been more inward, than out in contrast to recent centuries of Western preoccupations.

I am reminding myself periodically these days to notice my current perceptions as though they are a dream in the day.

Not, of course, to diminish or escape, but rather in efforts to pierce the persistence of ignorance and WAKE UP to right view, right thought, right speech, and right action as now is certainly a time in my life that calls more urgently for these things.

Most of the day today was spent researching the process of selling a car to a private party while there is an existing lien on the title. I find it is not so straightforward as I might have imagined, nor is there any apparent clear descriptions online for the appropriate steps to take.

Assuming the task gets completed, which looks like it may, I will have to be sure to push something out for the next folks who find themselves in a similar position and go looking.

Wheeling into the evening, the house has been abuzz today, new friend Claudia, introduced by Patience, has been here moving furniture, turning rugs, and generally putting her shine of cleanliness all about the place. This has left Uma doing her dance of chasing the vacuum cleaner around every chance she gets.

We brought on the day with continued improvement, healing on the backside going well, as well as persisting signs of a nervous system functioning in ways not familiar for nearly 2 decades. Some well-timed spasm or voluntary movement as I attempted to assist turning myself on my side.

One of the pending possible consulting gigs has been, for the time at least, delayed, lending additional credence to my realizations of early morning that I really do need to be focused now on a massive shift of asset disposition and resettlement, whatever that might look like as things unfold.

I’ve emptied the contents of the car, and with luck it will sell tomorrow. The fence project, complete except for the gate, looks better than I’d hoped, and now appears to have a real professional coming into close the deal on the more difficult of the details, setting and securing the gate in the oddly shaped corner between the house and the pillar.

Having been given the all clear from the pest inspector, tomorrow we will also begin restoring the array of quarantined materials back into service and storage pending next steps of disposition.

The work feels slow, and time short, much that is to be done is constrained to formal business hours and paces dictated by forces beyond my control.

As darkness draws across a hazy but otherwise clear blue sky, I began to turn my attention to some outstanding correspondence. A particular friend, respectful of my full plate and thresholds of overwhelm, recently, almost sheepishly, suggested the I Ching as a potential guide friend for these unfamiliar stretches of the woods I seem to be traversing.

I started to reply…

“So I just found my old trusty coin thrower online…”

Almost comical what started to come back. It stopped me enough that I haven’t even read further than the first paragraph or two before deciding it was time to spin these words before going deeper into the reflection and quieter into the evening.

Vanessa is around again today, just now making ghee and dinner in the kitchen. She is back from a weekend visit to LA where the enormous presence of the homeless and brokenhearted has left a footprint on her soul. “We’ll need to be mindful to take good care of this sadness,” I said, “this world will deliver more of this in the near term before things get better.”

Meanwhile, messages trickle in from prospective care partners, characteristically, nothing moving quickly these days, but some promising affects which will hopefully translate to rich new engagements soon.

In all the fullness I nearly forgot the water issue! As it turns out, a glimmer of good fortune – we had installed a separate mainline shut off for the yard last year or earlier this, I cannot remember, and were able last night to discover that the leak was confined to outdoors.

The appearance of the pond this morning leaves us to suspect further that the issue is confined to that unit as the water had dropped a few hundred gallons in just 12 hours. We will tend to this again tomorrow, but for now it is not, ironically, on fire.

The day has been again peppered by loving calls of support from Kari, Elisa, and a few texts from other concerned and mindful souls.

Now is dinner nears, we will turn our attentions again to one more study group around the Joy of Sacrifice before winding down for the night and another effort at a slumber full success.

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