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Kabir Kadre

Hummingbirds and hawks

Kabir kadre|2 years, 2 months ago

The flurry of motion just outside the window caught the corner of my eye and I turned just in time to see the hawk escaping from underneath the tree canopy and out the frame to the left with the satisfied mother hummingbird relenting the attack and returning to her nest.

I exclaimed the sight and Dave chuckled, smiling. “Isn’t that a metaphor for you? Isn’t that just perfect?” Still chuckling.

Dave was graciously counseling me to find clarity on the widest frame within which to describe clear and concrete actions to take locally to participate in bringing the MettaCare constructs developed here in this little care system as nutrient to the much-needed social dialogue of action on care systems in the world.

I laughed… “The pollinator chasing the predator!”

I would spend the better part of the morning today pursuing the exploration while my hummingbird friends tended their nests in the pine canopy that decorates the view from the office windows.

I was approaching this project in February, though through a much constricted lens and greater external and self-imposed pressures. I started to reorganize the project on Saturday and was looking forward this morning my call with Dave.

As I expected from our dialogue I was able to get confirmation and enrichment of my approach for today, absurdly unexpected was the wide and insightful frame that Dave was able to reflect, drawing on many things that I have shared in our conversations about various interests and pursuits. Dave has a rich history of experience in the fields of care systems on regional and national scales and his offer of storytelling his view of my efforts in that context left me feeling and empowering sense of gratitude and initiative.

Carolinas just stepped in, fresh from the city dump… Turning my attention to hello for a moment…

Britni was here when I rose this morning and we spent our time together talking about the investment of time and energy in self-care and well-being strategies. We finished looking at the stock chart for the Dow Jones, now just turned downward again.

Egg and toast for breakfast and then preparing for my call with Dave.

After our conversation, I spent the remainder of the morning and into the afternoon drafting the first portion of the descriptive narrative, the story of me within it. Just as I finished the first draft, an article landed in the inbox, the latter half of the title, “well-being isn’t individual, it’s social” echoed one of the central themes of the morning’s dialogue – well-being is a matter of the Commons.

I sank into the article and worked to take it in. My tendency, I realize, has been really just to skim articles, it’s been a long time since I regularly let words simply wash over me. The point of the article, and my own views lately, however had so much to do with pace and appreciation that reading it without moving into a fully relaxed state would just of been too much hypocrisy for me today.

Nonetheless, I managed to share it, allowing myself the distraction midway through, with a handful of individuals across three channels; email, Facebook, and Twitter.

After completing the article and subscribing to the authors channel, I busied myself with a handful of miscellaneous tasks, printing the beets recipe from Ahlea, resetting the password on my router which according to the email had been compromised en masse at the company, and clearing a few email.

It’s late afternoon now and while I usually write these journal entries last thing before moving on to dinner and winding down – i.e. catching up on YouTube, taking in a show, and chatting with whoever is around. Today, in contrast I’ll be turning my attention in the next moment to preparing for client dialogue scheduled for 6 PM.

I’ve been taking kava supplements to help me sleep. Seems to work. I do think I’m still having to medicate over the top of low-level stresses arising from my own still acute uncertain future. While it does blend a little into the soup of our collective station, the flavor is distinct nonetheless.


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