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Kabir Kadre

Hot week brewing…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

The afternoon is hot, tomorrow will be hotter. LB and KG and I had a good interview yesterday with young Stephanie and by unanimous decree have decided to go forward in collaborating with her as a new Care Partner.

A graduated art major, Stephanie found her way into nursing care a few years back and has visions of opening a care home to provide an energetic and engaging context for the young disabled. Seems like a good fit me. 🙂

In other news, the wheelchair tech stopped by yesterday afternoon and made some slight adjustments to the back of my wheelchair which are hoped to alleviate the pressure and bruising on my scapula, as well as potentially energizing my seating posture enough to help reduce the swelling in my back.

Combined with a visit tomorrow from Dr. Mike, and a conversation tomorrow morning with the pain clinic, I’m optimistic that we are now moving with all available speed and possibility towards a full recovery from the recent downtime.

Rising today was slow after a (mostly) restful night. Morning meditation, email, news stories and newsletters before LB, doing me a favor, emerged around 9:30 AM to get me through the morning routine and out of bed.

We made our way, introducing him to the treatment of pressure sores – there are a few red spots on my backside now we are watching. After a little extra time on my side and some medicine to promote blood flow applied topically, it was rock ’n’ roll out the door.

KG – our new friend from the agency – starts nursing school on Monday so this was our last formal engagement with her. She came in just after 10 and joined in the quiet revelry before retiring to the kitchen to make a delicious and artistically presented oatmeal for the breakfast movement of our day’s symphony.

It’s Wednesday so that meant a morning of clerical business and financial management. KG is bright, tuned in, and curious and made an excellent morning assistant for all things clerical, cooking, rising, cleaning, and conversation. She came this morning bearing gifts, a large bag of amaranth that she had picked up in Mexico earlier in the week. She would later add this to the smoothie she made for lunchtime.

I told her to consider us a good study hub as she makes her way into the nursing program. With luck we will see more of her. 🙂

The afternoon went well, a rich MettaCare video meeting with Tyler and a creative producer with obvious vision and insight ranging from the next to do item to the “seeing the whole project in a glance” scales. Heidi is an enthusiastic leader, mentor, and creative in our encounter together today left me reeling again with the overwhelm of just who is emerging forward with such care and enthusiasm to see this initiative find its way into the world.

After that call I wanted back to find LB retreating from the heat in his room to catch up on our “MettaCare” process together. A longtime team player, LB brings a perspective with long history that I know will be powerful in helping us cohere the emerging MettaCare Alpha team that seems to be taking shape.

Elisa rang in, her bathroom remodel project well underway and we continued last evening’s conversation in which I was describing a “plaid” vision for the tile layout. She gave me some measurements and I made a quick sketch on the computer for her review. Home construction projects always seem to come on faster than we expect and last-minute design aid was needed as the tile order is looming.

With three medical appointments in the next two days, and Care Partner on-boarding through the weekend in combination with the return of Patience in the morning, I’m feeling a little stretched internally, maybe it has to do with the edgy health aspects as well.

Nonetheless I’m looking forward to watching the coming week unfold, and playing with the light and shadows of this moment’s transition away from the now familiar agency care that has been such a part of the landscape two months! 🙂

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