Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

He’s at it again!

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Another full day today, the highlight of which I must say was the young and independent, and quite spiritually minded I might add, woman who came to offer care for the mid day. That truly is one of the silver linings(Of which there are many) of my unsettled condition. With it comes increased opportunity for spontaneous serendipity.

Born in Tijuana, dual citizen at 22, enrolled in nursing school and when I asked her what she made of the state of the world, her response went not to concern or despair, but rather to her expression of a deep appreciation for what she described as the”Spiritual” qualities of life. Forefront for her was a meditation practice which apparently she had cooked up from scratch on her own, and experiencing an opportunity to practice what kind of”unconditional love.”

“the world needs a lot more of that.” She said. Meanwhile I’m looking around for the candid camera placement, shaking my head at this experience of good fortune on my behalf to have such a beautiful soul in front of me. Of course in addition to being idea logically aligned, her eye was quick, mind sharp, and awareness broad when it came to the practices of care.

While I would be contractually prohibited from hiring her directly as a caregiver, and not that that was on the table, I was so taken with her that as she left I was introducing her to the construct of MettaCare, offering her a gift of olives and encouraging her to reach out anytime.

She was undoubtedly and distinctly the most comfortable care I’ve had from the agency, and also nearly the youngest.

These words today are coming slowly, and the transcription a little uncooperative. Despite having such an engaging dialogue partner(And capable smoothie maker) On hand, I do feel as though the day has been more productive than most thus far in this extended stent in bed.

LB and I are starting to really get a groove together which is shifting my sense of foundation even further then it already was with the sincere and present loving commitment the Patience has been offering to the process. Even with gaps in the schedule and remaining sense of instability, this combination of camaraderie and friendship at home combined with the continued and growing loving encouragement and showing up in collaboration of informally related friends in the world lends to my sense of aspiration and possibility with each day.

Regardless I’m spending more energy trying to get the words on this page to reflect what is actually coming out of my mouth, vent crafting the words themselves. Moving on…

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