Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Getting legs again

|1 year, 6 months ago

Up and working midday… The hours of the year slowly trickling away.

Alice and the ankle both much improved today, the sense of discomfort related to UTI also subsided, however waking was slow and difficult. Chaotic dreams and a slumbering but not very restful night gave way almost unwillingly to morning.

The hours after waking were a drawnout low-grade drama of working with a mostly cooperative, but weakened body. The antibiotics are already having their effect of inhibiting nutrient delivery to the cells, and in particular weakening skin integrity on the backside.

This left me with an extended period of treatment concern in order to mitigate the potential onset of new wounds.

Stephanie wheeled me down the hall just moments after the noon hour to begin the upright portion of the day.

I landed at the desk just for a few minutes before realizing the waiting opportunity to get outside into the sunlight for the first time in some ages. Cruising through the kitchen and into the open door, the garage met us with a wall of cold air, but sunlight just beyond.

The fresh air and warm light felt familiar and welcoming. Prayer flags were in disarray, worn twine, strong winds and heavy rain had definitely made a mark. I took it as an end of your opportunity. Under my guidance, Stephanie pulled down the wayward palm frond, chopped red up and put it in the yard waste bin, brought out the ladder and stepstool and proceeded to bring down and collect the remaining prayer flags.

Water on the front patio lent some suspicion to a possible leak remaining somewhere in the fountain system so we turned the water off again to wait and see what else might develop.

Back inside for a late breakfast and some probiotics.

I settled into the desk to play catch up, clearing the inbox, rebooting a moody computer and generally organizing to do lists and calendars languishing from days neglect.

Nova made the market this morning, and returned with bounty in hand and has been working busily around the house, often on the phone in apparent service to others.

Some low-grade discomfort persists in my body and I think I will lay down for a while to see if it subsides…

… Sideways I suppose. Some sense of napping, not for long, different discomfort. Now back in the saddle and underway into the afternoon…

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