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Get rice

|1 year, 5 months ago

The pain was less today. Enough difficult this morning to mandate seeking sunshine, tough life, I know. 😉

I woke feeling gratefully rested enough again today to get in a good meditation before the dawn. I woke from a strangely liminal dream space wherein I had recently purchased an antique desk and found myself researching its origins… Made in the Netherlands in the late 1800s, and somewhere between then and now, it had apparently been in my family with ancestors before being sold off once.

I was half awake in the dream, but not enough to quite get the distinction. I kept kind of waking up and trying to search the house for the furniture in my mind before going back to sleep to continue studying the papers documenting the history of the item…

After getting to work in the morning and having breakfast with my antibiotics (maybe just one more day of those), Molly and I headed outside with a cup of coffee and David on the phone to carry on the conversation of the current fulcrum point into the world’s financial future.

As we reach a tipping point into the next evolutionary wave of focusing on what is likely to be a trans global context, I find myself burning evermore intently to participate in this expanding poly-logic dialogue between ever-expanding self, and ever closer other.

The warm sunlight was just what the body needed to begin to diffuse. Here on the verge of dark, the discomfort lingers, but has never quite risen to completely disrupt the day as it were this morning, and recent days past.

Between helping me with sips of coffee, picking up bits of the conversation, and light housekeeping of the front patio, Molly managed to get far enough into our fountain repair project to actually discover the ultimate source of our woes.

By then I had finished with David, and begun enrolling Molly in the idea of an incoming and massive wealth shift from the focus on arcane power and artifice, to a slightly subtler, possibly softer model, more democratized, and directed to the experiential and practical affirmations of life and the vulnerable inquiry of growth and transformation…

Elisa called in the midst report on developments of the refinance inquiry, and was actually in the midst of that call that we struck EUREKA! on the identification of the leak. It now appears as though we may be a simple part, or even minor adjustment away from full resolution of the issue, we will know more tomorrow.

2 1/2 hours in the sunshine, all deep in dialogue about how to contribute something positive to the world, was soul nourishing to say the least.

Back indoors I spent another 30 minutes taking Molly through an introduction to the (slightly modified) multicurrency models of our friend Sean, and the correlating delineation of an investment strategy I worked out in response to the brutal losses that were my teacher in 2018.

All of this was a mouthful, and an earful no doubt, but as I brought it all to a close, I was relieved to hear Molly’s reply, one of clear and sincere gratitude and appreciation. For anyone who knows me up close, I can often appear to be on the lecture circuit, with an audience of one, though I rarely have any idea what I would say in any actual lecture.

Outside of that the bulk of the day was devoted to the first full review of the year, orienting to projects past, and process, and those upcoming, as well as an evaluation of the financial flows intelligence to weave it all together.

Somewhere in the midst of it all I managed to promise a project to Nova’s daughter, Darla for her next visit. Note to self: get rice.

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