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Kabir Kadre

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|1 year, 3 months ago

Pale gold against the black horizon, deeper and darker blues rising up into the silhouetted boughs of the pine tree overhead. This, the evening view from the “sunroom,” that has been home to my office for the last 4 1/2 years, and some years before that in the Baker’s dozen that we have held this property.

I signed the documents yesterday, from bed with UTI having made my way to the strength to do so.

That day and the one before I found myself quite mostly overwhelmed with the physical distress of infection. Indeed my capacity was as slight as can be without tipping into full-blown distraction or unconsciousness.

Somehow, in the midst… Antibiotics having begun to make a dent and with the support and guidance of friends, I fully understood and completed the documents to the point of agreement for sale of the home on Mill Peak.

The introductory letter from the buyers touched my heart and brought a tear of joy to my eye. A young and beautiful family with a nuanced appreciation for what they are getting will be taking over the stewardship going forward. Inshallah.

By this morning the drugs had done enough work to begin rising carefully back to the world of the living. Ms. Molly was aboard to aid me through the morning.

I had woken from a restful sleep, though dreams of spider bites on both legs left a strange curiosity dancing on my mind as I came to address the daylight waiting just outside the closed lids.

Gradually we made our way up; just in time for Elisa to ring in with a video tour of the property she was visiting on my behalf as a possible future home for this little operation of ours.

Perhaps the perfect size, our conversation even wondered to the possibility of purchasing as a fixer-upper. We learned later that in fact the new landlord just closed ownership yesterday and, fortunately for us, the renovations we had postulated ourselves will be getting underway directly.

Much of the day was spent recovering the various project threads from a couple days of productivity absence. I was glad to find urgent fires to put out at a minimum, though the weekend will be interesting as the process of finding new Care Partners is among those more tenuously balanced at this time.

I spent a window in the afternoon keeping my commitment to a friend to play in the creative space of supporting her journey through the world of crypto asset investment.

I was struck earlier this morning by the recognition that this emerging territory represented an entirely new asset class – not a new business, or industry, but asset class; not plastics, but art or real estate. Not pieces of art, or apartment buildings, ART or REAL ESTATE.

My interest in this feels like a hobby, but with opportunity…

Yesterday evening I was fortunate to feel well enough to attend the periodic Wednesday meditation class offered by Dr. Brown. The event is wonderfully popular and a community of nearly 100 individuals often gathers. In addition to the lessons and insights offered, I found myself particularly moved yesterday by the remarkable quality of the students present.

My attendance at the recent weeklong meditation training over videoconference, has left me feeling a reverence for these teachings unlike any I have experienced in my 25 years of formal exposure to “spiritual” traditions.

I will be endlessly grateful to my friend Terri for having pointed out to me this thread in the tapestry of the world’s wisdom traditions.

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