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Kabir Kadre

Gears shifting…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

A long day of dialogue, slightly askew of prediction, intention, or norm, the howling guitar of Rick Springfield, my body in some familiar discomfort, and somehow “managed”… These words begin to put shape to the object of my awareness this late afternoon Sunday, somehow both productive and not.

Last evening was an impromptu dinner party, Eliana had come over for the afternoon for some technical insights and guidance in the field of of technology investments, we had started late and when I mentioned dinner, she graciously offered to prepare something and help LB get further acclimated to the kitchen.

The three of us carried on and cooked for about an hour before settling into our chairs around the table in the dark night to have a meal of food and company and conversation.

Come to think of it, the dining room table has been particularly active in the last 24 hours. We must’ve spent over 90 minutes there last night talking about neurobiology, politics, and world peace. Just moments ago in fact the pleasant young woman from the service who had been scheduled to work until 2 PM today accepted the invitation to stay on as a guest for another 2 1/2 hours to revel in the atmosphere.

She and I and LB spent the time talking about self responsibility, accountability, stewardship, and spirituality. LB made sandwiches and she cheerfully helped me eat, more in the guffawing spirit of friendship than the reverent spirit of service. Again, around the dining room table, conversation, laughter, playfulness, deep thoughts and reflection.

It’s almost as though some signs of spring life are returning to this season of my soul.

This coming week holds a meeting with the wheelchair technician to investigate possible adjustments that might alleviate some of the pain I’ve been feeling. On the same day there is a care interview that I am very much hoping will go well and result in a new partner to both close the gaps and shift the gear into full systems coherence and pulsing momentum. A few days later I’ll visit the pain clinic with Patience to investigate whether a chemical intervention will play a role in addressing these current dysfunctions.

Gears shifting…

I managed to get through my weekly review on schedule for the first time in nearly a month, having been in bed or otherwise indisposed on previous weeks. There was no LVN forthcoming from the agency this morning so after our late evening, LB rose earlier than usual to help me up and out for the day.

The morning today started near 4 AM with the resolve to practice awakening to those still hours. I rested again later for a few hours and started some morning reading for an hour or so before LB appeared down the hall.

Breakfast was in the garden, Karen decorated oatmeal with plump blueberries, bright red goji berries, crafting a little work of artful presentation and we made our way out to be greeted by an enormous yellow and black swallowtail butterfly.

In spite of the good company and conversation I managed to tackle a few tasks this morning and organize the week for productivity. The afternoon revelry was unexpected, but enjoyable nonetheless. It’s refreshing having bright, open, and enthusiastic young people around interested in challenging their own ideas (and mine) about how the world works and how we participate in its preservation and change.

Patience sent another photo update from Wyoming, this time a moose bathing in the sunlit stream. She really is on quite the special journey right now, I feel like I’m getting postcards from a movie when her notes come through.

Here’s shifting… Off now to get some more work done before the day is gone and the weeks begun!

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