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Kabir Kadre

Garden grace…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

There is enormous grace in finding oneself in a garden, particularly so if one lives with the garden, and further so if one is able to sit and appreciate life in the garden.

I am one so graced today. Last evening, due to systemic shortages of care support that extend well beyond the walls of my little life and home, it was questionable whether I would be able to rise from bed today.

While the systemic shortages persisted, the grace that fills my life in the forms of friendship, love, and kindness from others, saw Faith offering in strong and no uncertain terms to ensure that my day was spent upright and mobile.

It’s just 9:30 AM now, the morning air still cool, and the last vestiges of early shadow still retreating into the bare light of what promises to be a hot and clear July summer’s day in San Diego.

The house is quiet the sound of the distant freeway, white noise, flowing in like wind through the office window ajar; pop music sounds whisper on low volume from the speaker in the corner, and a helicopter chatters by overhead.

Have tended my body well and upright, preparing a delicious oatmeal served in the garden, and ensuring I had water and a well-settled space, Faith has gone off into her day to see clients for business and mind her services to her young and delightful daughter.

As our breakfast conversation came to rest and I rolled away from the table, out of the shade of the tree and into the direct sun, my vision alighted upon the purple sage flowers, planted last fall by Eliana, which have continued to bloom throughout the spring and into summer.

Earlier as we had just sat down, a bird fluttered into the yard, it’s wings making a distinct flitting sound in the morning stillness. Again today, it was early enough that the sunlit edges of the green hillside cast long morning shadows through remnants of mist.

As the purple sage leapt into my eyes, my heart was pierced with the realization and memory of such incredible privilege and grace to live and feel the beauty of living, earth and sky and life itself.

There is a hardship to holding form, and death and decay comes eventually to each expression… Creation, Sustaining, Destruction… The dance itself, eternal and undying, empty of any change, empty of any fullness, filled with unbroken perfection, the divine grace itself.

Today is the 85th birthday of the recent earth life of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of compassion. It is a Monday, and there is much work for me to do in this little corner of the cosmos. As long as there is one being kept from the garden, there is work to be done.

Love itself is free. Compassion is the heated friction of that freedom realizing its own intensity as form, the burning is the longing to know that love, and the work is bringing that infinite flame to each and every burning.

I have yet to get to my email this morning, but I did enjoy noticing two sweet messages serendipitously arriving from two distant points across our little global surface. I am grateful for this day, for the garden, for the music, for the love in my heart, and the friendship I am graced to receive.

My new friend, Nitin, offered a blessing in his message this morning that touched the depths of my heart and longing: that love and care should come to me that it might multiply within and spread a million times more in the world.

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum!

May it be so for all of us. ??

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