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Kabir Kadre

Further grace…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Still software hopping in search of the better blogging/journaling platform. Today on to scrivener with great optimism.

The iMovie notice just popped up indicating a successful share to YouTube of this afternoon’s hosted dialogue on the subject of MettaCare and my current crowdfunding efforts. So that’s good news…

The conversation was intimate, with three dear friends in attendance, and my beloved Katie, the consummate interviewer and hostess, we were facilitated for a rich inquiry and sharing. The resulting artifact is one I am quite proud of and look forward to sharing, hopefully widely.

Today has otherwise been one of great grace as Faith had offered to come and spend the day with me, both getting me up, through the day, and back to bed this evening. This also gave me the privilege of getting a further introduction to her daughter whom I had only met briefly as we drove by their place on the way to my recent urology appointment.

I’m always moved these days with the importance I feel around attending to these young people. The world is in such incredible straits, and those pale threads binding together recent apparitions of stability, continue to dim with each passing day. The punchline is of course that none of us “elders” can really tell these youth what to expect next and better I think that we should instead encourage and support them to meet this new dawn with an internalized sense of strength, capacity, and support.

I was treated to the great delight of a violent serenade as the young lady ventured out onto the porch shade under the trees to practice her craft, now six years in the making. Nothing quite like live music, be it amateur or professional and that certainly added a real lift to my day.

The three of us shared lunch on the front patio, edging along carefully to avoid sunburns from the undeniably summer scorch, and carrying on in conversation about stories, education, spirituality and mysticism, and our personal histories and journeys to date. With just four minutes remaining, I left the ladies in their dialogue and moved to meet Katie and friends for the next.

That conversation ran long and sweet (don’t worry I was able to trim about 1/4 of it away for the public offering 😉 and we were just finishing up when my old and dear friend happened in the door to begin learning the formal processes of my care and sharing of her heart more fully into the space.

I’ll wind down these short words today to turn my attention to discover whether or not the care service providers have found staffing for me tomorrow, wish me luck to find my way out of bed and through the day with support and back again before resuming the close care of those who have come to work more personally and long term on Tuesday.

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