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Kabir Kadre

Full day.

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

A houseful of full moon madness today… Remnants of autonomic discomfort resting in my body, the space heater lovingly dubbed R2-D2 oscillates dutifully back and forth drying the slow seep moisture from my pores.

Stephanie came and went this morning, not well, some common cold or (hopefully not) something more sinister creeping through her weary body. She’s been working three jobs lately, managing the stress of having to find a new car (which she navigated with grace and good fortune), dealing with novel separations from family and discomforting dynamics with management in her two other positions.

Last Friday she went home exhausted to rest, but it had caught up to her by Saturday morning.

She was tested yesterday for “the virus” and will have results, with luck by Friday. The rocks of our little system here are still tumbling into place and with little notice we had to make due this morning, wearing masks and piling on the vitamin C and garlic immune supports.

By noon we were able to send her home to rest and recuperate and I was able to tend myself with just a little loving support thrown in by LB until Vanessa arrived at three. She and I settled in as I took some early steps into the “next” internet, positioning ourselves under the umbrella in the garden in anticipation of Dr. Mike arriving at any minute.

“Any minute” turned out to be 4 PM when suddenly, not only Mike, but independently Cassandra, Patience, other Mike, and Uma all descended in rapid succession, as if by spontaneous caravan. The stillness of the drifting day is broken into the cacophony of multiple streams of action and attention in various weaving engagements.

The good Dr. And I spent some time appreciating the “almost there” nature of almost any aspect of our situation from the pending wheelchair improvement, the cohering of MettaCare alpha, the early maturation of his new mobile Dr. Practice, and the imminent eruptions of the American political circus…

Cassandra and Vanessa put together a late sandwich lunch for me and Mike transitioned on to see the next patients on his Tuesday roster.

The bustle ebbed and flowed, eventually leaving just other Mike and I sitting in the waning evenings temperatures outfront discussing, what had by then become the nuances of self blame, the axis of hope and despair, and the mysterious still point between happiness and sadness.

I could tell my body was getting cold, stiffness rising, it was time to come inside. Just in the kitchen door I encountered the three most familiar faces of LB, Patience, and Cassandra energizing that most common room of any home. Even Uma was getting in on the act, intently munching her dinner at the intersection of kitchen and dining room.

I made my way through to come and write these words, closing the outward work of the day. I’ll be looking for a call from Stephanie this evening, maybe in about an hour to begin determining what tomorrow may hold. Update, just spoke with Miss Cassandra and as serendipity would have it she will help me in the morning, freeing Stephanie to rest and recover.

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