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Kabir kadre|2 years, 1 month ago

Back to sleeping soundly again last night, only partially disturbed by some unsettled dreams… Something about large plumes of black smoke rising to fill the sky with darkness… As it turns out the recommended dose of melatonin is one full dropper, but three drops for me is too much, and one, not enough. At this rate at least I have supply to last a lifetime. 😉

I wrote yesterday about friendship and friendliness, and woke thinking about this again today after enjoying the privilege yesterday of dancing in a number of distinct friendliness contexts.

Courtney and I spent some time yesterday synergizing around the construction of the front yard fence. She had never worked a power saw before and so the two of us got to enjoy figuring out the borrowed tool and introducing her to the process of measuring and clamping and cutting.

Later I got to catch up with my friend Tyler for decompression dialogue around the subject of astrology. Tyler has been and remains one of my great mentors, super fans, and dear friends, her birthday is today and spontaneously we had just struck on the idea of my sharing some of my perspective on the Shamanic Astrology paradigm as it might offer some relevance to her chart.

By decompression of course I don’t mean to decompress astrology itself, but just rather in the midst of all that is going on the world, and all of the work that both Tyler and I keep on our plates as a general rule, allowing ourselves to just tumble through the grass of whimsy and reflection seemed to be just the thing.

Jumping out of there and into the next context, I joined the Visionary Sessions community for the second inter-session engagement on purpose. The subject of purpose and its siblings, intent and values have been coming up in numerous places lately as I have worked, myself, and with others, to define personal statements of purpose, have worked collectively (still in process) to define a clear Massive Transformational Purpose for our MettaCare initiative, and have had, in fact to be in deep inquiry about my own personal values over the last eight months as my personal situation has continued to shift and restructure…

What are the places of purpose, intent, and values in friendship? I have begun to wonder. A rich topic indeed, I do think it’s inquiry will bear some meaningful fruit for the practice of care and in particular the practice for caring for one another in our homes.

In my view, there are such incredibly beautiful blurred lines between these contexts of self and other, home and world at large, economy and freedom, all them seem to be crashing together right now in some very overt ways.

Where is that quality of friendliness in our lives, and where does it move into friendship? What are these intersections of care, independence, reciprocity, vulnerability, and unity?

Courtney suggested a podcast yesterday, for MettaCare. I have thought about this tool periodically myself, and certainly Cassandra has no shortage of things to share and wonderful words with which to share them. Courtney herself has indicated a persistent desire to explore the medium so, who knows, maybe these reflections, curiosities, and with luck some resulting wisdom might find its way through the soil of inertia and break through in some friendly way to our shared context of care…

Courtney and I prototyped a recording this morning on the way out of bed, but I haven’t yet checked the audio quality and that context is not particularly suitable as there are meaningful interruptions. Nonetheless we got about nine minutes of exploration, we’ll see where it goes from here.

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