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Fresh starts…

Kabir kadre|2 years, 1 month ago

Nurse Kim stopped by this morning to perform/instruct us in the process of the catheter change. Caroline laughed, “this looks way easier than giving a bolus to a goat!” We captured the event to video, continuing to build our training library, compare notes, and refine best practices.

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve seen Caroline and was glad to see her looking refreshed this morning after a couple of days which she, the farmer, referred to as “restful.” It’s been cold in the mountains, much cooler than down here on the coast. Frost visited the farm, threatening some of the tomatoes and other optimistic early plantings.

I had been playing a little tag with my friend Cheri yesterday and we finally caught up last evening, just a few minutes after lights out to catch up for a moment. She had been feeling a bit vulnerable the last few weeks, withdrawing a little (quite naturally) after a motorcycle accident that left her a little roughed up, though joyfully, not badly had called her back to some more internal reflection.

The bike was totaled and she had the mother of welts on her leg, but the helmet had protected her face which took the brunt of impact and was the point of contact with the ground for the first moments of her landing, skidding along and destroying the faceplate but fortunately leaving her head intact.

Her body had been jostled quite a bit out of whack, but almost miraculously no serious or lasting damage seems to have resulted.

She’s been sharing her book with me over the past few months, using me as a foil to help encourage her production of the audiobook version and, while I’ve been listening a bit at a time, my engagement with the material had been largely at night when rest would elude me. Good news/bad news, I’m sleeping better, so less “reading” time.

We stayed up late playing catch-up, turning in just a little before the midnight hour.

I slept soundly, stirring once only briefly and waking, feeling rested, with the morning light and a nice spacious hour for meditation before Caroline would arrive.

It’s another beautiful day, and warming, we opened up the house first thing on making our way out of the bedroom and I can hear the sound of the waterfall out front bubbling its way through the garage, and kitchen, to my ear.

Outside the world is waking up, busying itself with traffic and some familiar mundane activities of going about business, “opening things back up” is going to be a special movement in this Symphony of the pandemic. The CDC reports being muted by the executive branch here in the US as they are focused on celebrating an “economic recovery” underway.

I wonder, but not too deeply, how this whole process might affect our individual and collective focus in the world, the question is almost cliché at this point – will we go back in some sense, will there be a new collective will to shift something in our values, or will the changes simply be systemic in terms of more businesses moving to work from home…? Many cans of worms, and as I said, I’m not wondering too deeply – trusting the process will reveal itself in time.

Meanwhile I’m continuing to revel in the ecstasy of new connections and conversations emerging peripheral to my engagement with the Visionary Sessions work. These conversations continued to build energy yesterday after I spent the midday focused on nurturing that space of connection through the VS community, the healing work I was introduced to by Chryssa, and continuing emerging conversations around the World Peace Initiative which is one of my long view dialogic offerings into our collective space.

As we headed into the afternoon I was able to draw my focus back to the MettaCare initiative and effort, I’ve been concerned that I hadn’t been able to focus directly on that lately and was quite relieved to find that all the various threads of attention I’ve been leaving over the last few weeks would come together quite energetically and that return of focus seems to move rather fluently into creative output.

I finished the day connecting with a likely new partner in the MettaCare field, a serial entrepreneur with a lot of energy, experience, and intelligence to bring to the project. We had scheduled 45 minutes for our connection and wrapped up only after that time had doubled, each with a substantive to do list that I can see already are very likely to quite rapidly accelerate the work as well as create a function that David has long reminded the importance of structuring a recognition of all the financial, heart, and sweat equity that has gone into the project thus far.

Today will be a balance of returning to that work and possibly, with luck, a little return to nature.

Now breakfast, and the morning…


I’m moved, and speechlessely grateful for the community of people that have so far come forward with the financial support necessary to plumb this window of vision and opportunity. ?? Please consider joining them in making a one-time or monthly contribution to the crowdfunding initiative covering the medical costs of my commitment here, allowing me (and us) to get out of bed and do this work every day!

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