Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Formless evolution

|1 year, 5 months ago

Early afternoon on 2 February, I’ve been out of bed now for just a couple of hours, but feeling good overall, if a little disoriented.

This is been the longest stretch of time mostly in bed (nearly 1 or two months depending on how you measure it) since a pressure sore on my heel kept me out of commission for the month of January 2006.

“Formless evolution” describes reasonably well my sense of balance right now.

There are a handful of clarities – the decision to sell the house and relocate, the decision to reinforce my awareness practice, (the former with the aid and support of a few close friends, the latter by the generosity of benefactors), and the still pending need to formulate and integrate the ground that seemingly must arise on the other side of these transitions.

In the midst of this, the world feels surreal from the vantage point of Kabir. I am certainly not who I was a year ago, nor are any of my contexts quite the same large or small. Saying this out loud I imagine this is true for many others as well. Things appear definitely in motion, and yet…

It’s been hard enough to write from my little technological corner in bed, that I have let go the daily practice for now. Fortunately for my sanity and sense of general contribution, podcasting has begun to take its place and I’m well into the experimental and prototypical phase of developing in that medium.

I’m posting daily and you can, for now, follow here: Kabir’s daily Journal podcast. This is just a sandbox and I’m hopeful and anticipating of polishing something more formal from these initial musings.

For now, today is a day of wrangling some reestablishment of organization for my workspace out of bed which will hopefully be a return to some degree of normalcy in that regard.

I did want to make a note to mark the moment and share with any readers of my daily posts a whisper of gratitude, cheer, and invitation.

More soon, Insha'Allah.

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