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Kabir Kadre

Flickering of light and shadow…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Warren Zevon echoes in the background… “Genius…”

Matthew is checking out at the market, a personal shopper from the new service I’ve been trying out during these times of grocery delivery for those of us fortunate enough. This order though goes to a friend rather than coming here.

She called, feeling not well and while the funky friend is still a possible diagnosis (testing on the agenda hopefully for tomorrow) we decided to treat for possible copper poisoning as the pipes in her house are currently being replaced.

Anytime I have something to flush out my system I have a go to water product, Penta, that seems to do the trick remarkably well. It was a nice feeling being able to simply click a few buttons and be sending this natural medicine to my friends doorstep across town.

What cumulative efficiencies will snowball to decrease the human impact on this ecosphere? Genius?

As Patience landed me in my chair this morning, just a few minutes before noon and I turned around, orienting myself for toothbrushing, I was looking at the floor and the side of the bed and thinking to myself, “this is a special feeling, I’ll have to remember when I turn to my journal later.”

Of course with the whole day between us now, I’ll have to think for a moment to recall the feeling… That’s the thing about writing in the evening, the fullness of the day is so present, it’s often hard to pick out the delicate intricacies of things… Or is it?

Our young new friend from yesterday’s training failed to arrive this morning, failed at least to arrive here. When we reached her about 30 minutes later we learned that she had arrived instead to the ER… Alarming aside, it’s literally the fourth or fifth event that has prevented her from really landing here.

Other events include being sideswiped, trapped at the DMV, telephone battery dying, now mystery headaches. Send prayers.

Once we learned we were on our own today, Patience and I started with the morning program for a few moments before our nurse friend showed up to change the catheter. This went smoothly until the very last moment when, no pain involved, we managed to get a good bit of urine on the bed and my body.

This precipitated a change of the linens, a dance with my body moving out of the way, into cleaning, and back to reclined. Quite the scene, Patience holding my naked body aloft while the nurse wipes down my backside, the three of us just standing there in the room, wheelchair draped in protection below, and clean sheets waiting just a step away.

Then to the bed, a bowel program was next, and then turning to the side for 90 minutes or so of wound care. Day’s light streaming full in the door, morning no more.

The sweet nurse had been terrified last week at my reports of skin breakdown, a fact not unlikely compounded by the tensions rippling through her body from her work in this pandemic. This morning would be the first time she would have eyes on the damage, except for photos that we had sent her over the weekend.

Per our usual good form – which undoubtedly has been scarce in recent months – we were able to demonstrate a remarkable healing pace and more than that were able to introduce her in real-time to our treatment protocol of using natural products, staged and applied with care, and a gentle loving atmosphere of well-being.

We were down to the last drops of our “Triple G” wound care cream that has evolved with me in recipe, production and application over the last dozen years or so. A perfect opportunity to introduce our new friend to the whole cycle of things…

With my guidance, Patience collected the various ingredients and set up a little apothecary on the side of my freshly made bed, just in view of my body stretched out on my side and caretaking mode for the wounds now nearly healed on the backside.

“Do you meditate?” I asked our nurse friend.

“I try to.” She replied.

“Do you pray?”

“Oh yes!” She said.

“Good!” I responded, “praying and meditating a very similar and we are going to do some of this now before we begin formulating our product, would you care to join us?”

“Oh yes!” She said.

I pointed out that there are three basic kinds of prayer, Petitionary prayer, and Contemplative prayer, and that we would be focusing on the former, asking that these nutrients be well honored, infused with spirit and loving intention, that they would be mixed well, balanced and properly, and that their application would swiftly heal all wounds, and that those wounds having healed would allow those beings to more generously and more fully give loving and skillful and wise compassionate action in the world.

I realized later during the meditation that I had neglected to mention the third basic prayer, Gratitude. “Oh yes, of course!” She said (smiling I could tell, though not see behind the mask.)

We finished our careful production and preparations in good time and, placing the fresh cream in its jar on the altar to rest in a place of honor and respect, moved to complete the mornings routine and rise for the day.

I was awake today shortly after 6 AM, or was it just a few minutes before… I left my bedroom, quite famished (both of us) just before noon with a full docket of work on deck.

The day ran long and full, I enjoyed a sweet window in the middle video chatting with my aunt and uncle sheltering in place from the hundred and 10° heat at their home in Palm Springs, but the rest of the day with a clip of effort.

1 foot in front of the other, I keep thinking to myself…

Interesting now that I notice in reflection that the day began with my newest friend sick, and ends one of my oldest friends sick. The former in her 20s, the latter in her 60s… Interesting balances at play in this flickering of light and shadow.

Now to exhale, then shower, then bed, then tomorrow…

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