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Kabir Kadre

Feels like the weekend…

|2 years, 5 months ago

Last night was a late night, the new kind.

For anyone following closely, you’ll know that my evening routine recently changed. A typical lights out prior to last year’s winter solstice was generally anywhere from 10:30 PM to 1 AM. An average night probably saw me shuttering my eyes sometime after 11.

Another element of those final hours also had to do with the state of my body. Generally distressed at the level of the nervous system and in that sense, exhausted. This had to do with the strains involved with the common practice clearing the paralyzed bowel with antagonistic suppositories and a duration of patience and recovery.

Last night was a late night, the new kind.

The previous evenings exercise – that from prior to the solstice – required a period of multiple hours, rarely two, more often four. The new evenings exercise requires something more along the order of 45 minutes. (Gotta say hallelujah!)

Last night was a late night, the new kind.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, the evening was dedicated to a community movie night. Eleña had recently seen the movie Wild and, finding herself deeply enthralled, insisted that I must see it as well. Always game to celebrate, I encouraged her to organize a little community event around the subject and, true to form, she pulled it off with style, if with a little neglect as well. 😉

That’s all just to say not so tongue-in-cheek, she got the email thread started and forgot to include herself so the thing basically planned itself and she just showed up at the 11th hour to bring it home.

As it was we have a lovely little party of 8 to 10 depending on whether you’re counting the cats and dogs and who stayed how long.

I won’t go over the guest list, only to say that revelry lasted late as we made our various ways through a variety of dinners, popcorn, conversation and the general bubbly atmosphere of seven ladies gathered on a Friday night in a comfortable and spacious home environment. So late, for me, in this window of the new paradigm meant heading to bed near 10 PM with lights out closer to 11. That’s the new kind, that’s a late night that had me fretting whether I would rest long enough for the morning.

For the record I think I slept about five or six hours. Enough for the quiet day it’s been. A little coffee helped, and a little brain juice (https://neurohacker.com/shop/qualia-energy) and it was off to the races. First was the week’s general clerical around financial management. That always feels nice to stay on top of, although today was opening a bit of a hornets nest on a backlog of crypto currency accounting.

The field of cryptographically secured digital currencies is still quite young, though with the talk from the Chinese central government, and the European Central Bank (https://twitter.com/nlw/status/1216392636485054464?utm_campaign=Long%20Reads%20Sunday%20&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Revue%20newsletter), among others – it’s quite clear that this nascent field will continue to grow. While I’m no central bank, in my own humble little corner of the world, the intersection of these new technological constructs and traditional accounting is still being worked out. I dug in for a few hours, then tabled the matter, likely to return in a few months when I can carve out a little more space like, days.

Then it was lunch and breaking through the morning lethargy to the big rock in my day – taking another run at refining our MettaCare initiative to bring it to the next level of wider accessibility. I won’t go into details here as this is truly not the platform for that, however just to say that after three hours of intensive brain gymnastics, I came tumbling out the other side exhilarated and exhausted, letting the subject rest overnight, but excited to return to my training tomorrow.

On cue, Elisa arrived to continue nursing her MacBook back to health. We played with the various things, life the universe and everything, and I was able to enroll her in giving me some great feedback on the MettaCare document and another creative initiative brewing from my conversation with our mutual friend Alexis (https://alexisdixon.com), whom she introduced me to now six or seven years ago….

In a moment the minute hand will change and it will be 7 PM. I will turn myself towards dinner and bed and resting and an early Sunday morning. I will write again tomorrow, perhaps we will see each other in that sense then.

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