Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Feeling groovy…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Shortly after 11 AM, the air still cool coming in the office window on the breeze with the sound of the wind chimes.

Neighbors across the street busying themselves for a family vacation, that long and methodical process of stowing soda cans in all the extra nooks and crannies, situating pillows and blankets, and figuring out where to put everybody and the luggage.

Another hour this morning resting on my side to recuperate the tissue that had been damaged last week, three wounds, Alice, Betty, & Charlie’s, named after the methodology of tropical storms, now each and all nearly completely healed.

Meanwhile we wait for news from our new friend to see if her health will allow her to return to landing as part of this care team. As a formally trained communicator I experience clear and effective communication as a foundational element of collective well-being and always find myself a bit perplexed, though not terribly surprised, when I discover others whose cultural affect does not promote that value.

For now we wait in silence.

A shout out today to a couple of distant friends, Beena and Erika who have birthdays today, both a couple of special women, one working quite outwardly with systems in the world, another, the precious artist studying intently and closely the breath of nature as her own face and whispering those sweet realizations onto the wind.

Both of these ladies have had meaningful impact on me inspiring me with their clarity and commitments to meeting life wide-eyed and with ready hands.

Meanwhile on the home front, I’m looking forward to a warm and sunny day. Thanks to recent graces from a distant uncle, I find myself with just a little more breathing room in the current adventure of carving my way through a wilderness of uncertain footing towards a distant light. There is a meeting of friends today I had anticipated missing, though in this day’s light I’m beginning to think I might make the jump to that luxury before returning to the crucible of effort that holds my heart today.

Of course there’s also the matter of the mounting inboxes that too, like luxury conversations, have fallen to the wayside in the search for care, resource, and a fuller expression of the intended offering of well-being support to the wider community…

My calendar, an important dimension of my organizational structures, calls for a few things today, I’ll have to see where the vital force is taking us once these words come to rest.

I slept soundly along last night, woke through a bit of a struggle against the residual effects of the melatonin and kava, and rested in stillness for a short period before stirring. When I did, I was rewarded to find a loving message in my inbox from one of my greatest muse and mentors. I will revisit this message again before noon today and will likely let it inform the course of my intentions in this movement.

For now, news back from my elder sister, the water seems to have helped and the trajectory is one towards better wellness. In the words of one Mr. Simon, “feeling groovy!”

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