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Exploring creative responses to turbulence…

Kabir Kadre|5 years, 4 months ago

Here in the early days of the Donald J Trump presidency in the United States, things are getting interesting (still.)

My favorite entrepreneur, Elon Musk is facing pushback for his work on the president’s Economic Advisory Committee. In my view, the Tesla Inc. founder is offering critical leadership by example in his efforts to have conversations that can integrate a true diversity of viewpoints, agendas, and parties.

 Activists should be pushing for more moderates to advise President, not fewer. How could having only extremists advise him possibly be good?
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At my request, the agenda for yesterday's White House meeting went from not mentioning the travel ban to having it be first and foremost In addition, I again raised climate. I believe this is doing good, so will remain on council & keep at it. Doing otherwise would be wrong.
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Leaders in the GOP continue the struggle to find their footing in the view that their party is at last united in its control of Congress and the Oval Office. I continue to wonder if the wheels are truly coming off this bus, and if so what suffering may ensue, and what miight we do to mitigate the impact…

From my vantage point, the number of dialogues engaged in our collective sociopolitical process seem to be growing, both in number, in sophistication, and in commitment. In my view, this is a good thing.

While I personally continue – in a frame of true curiosity, hopefulness, and stunned wondering alternating with brief periods of terror and desperation – I commit again and again to being open and engaged to find our way through these turbulent times to the possibility of a brighter future.

One of these efforts was inspired by the Women’s March postcard writing initiative, now just under a few weeks ago. A friend and I sat down and worked up a nonpartisan, non-issue specific postcard template to encourage people to take a moment and offer their voice into our collective political process in a concrete way to impact our representation at all levels of government.

We are currently in the process of getting a thousand or more of these printed to distribute around our community here in San Diego and wanted to make the design available online for others to use in their communities.

What in the news cycle has your attention? What longer-term issues feel overdue for concentrated attention? What vision might you have for our overall collective direction? What suggestions might you offer to help integrate our existing diversity of perspective, well-being, and empowerment into a more functional and less divisive democracy?

Perhaps the turbulence of our current situation can invite us to slow down a little, to listen more, to recognize what people, what environments, and what relationships we have overlooked and neglected. Perhaps we are beginning to stir into a new collective awakening that will be able to hold more, care more, and create more beautifully than ever before…

Perhaps not? I think that will be decided by our level of creativity, vulnerability, and engagement. What are your thoughts?

Postcards for printing:

  • 5 x 7 version – comes off the borderless color photo printer beautifully on 5 x 7 card stock.
  • 8.52″ x 5.47” version – designed for easy online printing with Vistaprint.
  • 5 x 7 BULK PRINT – actually slightly larger for bulk printing at a commercial printer for a 5 x 7 final product. (We found a local printer to do a thousand of these for about $350.)

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