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Kabir Kadre

Evolving new disciplines…

|1 year, 4 months ago

I’m out of bed, and apparently that’s worth saying. As I mentioned a few days ago, it’s rather a new behavior given the pattern of the last six weeks or so. Nonetheless, I had started to develop the habit and discipline of podcasting from the context of the bedroom and am now having to find my way into porting that habit over into the office.

First world problems.

Nonetheless, it appears easier to write from this context for now. I will find my way, just baby steps.

The house went on the market today, and already we’ve got at least six showings scheduled for tomorrow, so that is undoubtedly good news. A number of friends have stepped forward to help in the housing search and it looks like we will start seeing properties tomorrow as well.

In other news, it’s the annual Japanese-American Day of Remembrance today, an opportunity to remember how close we stand to some of the terrible moments in the past. I’ve always thought of history as being something far away, and perhaps it has been for most of my life, but as I near 50 I discover that I was born only half of my age now after the end of World War II.

Those two events have always felt far apart in my mind, but it just struck me at some point this week, how close they really were.

In truth, in very meaningful ways, the past is the present and we can meet it now, recognizing ourselves in all of those humble and terrible moments, as well as the precious ones, all sacred. Standing here in our simple feet today, we have the opportunity, the privilege of living, to step forward — empowered by these realization to live in a way ever more fiercely beautiful for the grace of being now.

There is pain and sadness in my heart, for those ethnic Japanese brother and sister Americans who carried the burden for us of our ignorance. The Native American brothers and sisters who before bore and still bear the weight of a similar and terrible blindness live also in that sadness. The ongoing genocide of the beloved people of Tibet are the most recent to work this part of me.

Undoubtedly there are countless others to recognize, but these are the ones that stand out for me today. May this national day of remembrance draw our hearts evermore tenderly to open and own the humility of our state, inspiring us to do better with the gift of each new moment.

It is Abigail’s birthday today, may she be bathed in joy! ?

It’s been long since we spoke but she too is on my heart.

Van Morrison fills the audioscape in the background, Terra behind that emanating the sounds of dinner preparations underway.

My body has had some reminders today of difficult sensation, but thus far I have been spared any serious disruption. The morning was challenging, perhaps tomorrow will be better still.

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