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Evening’s light…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Wow! Days go fast. It’s almost 6:30 PM and still feels like midafternoon to me. I just completed reading an article on Systems Entrepreneurship and it has me reenergized on the World Peace Initiative to the effect that I’m poking around a bit in the field. 😉

Today has been the first Sunday in quite some time that has followed my generally prescribed “Sunday routine.” This is the day I have reserved for my weekly review of practical life state – projects, groceries, correspondence, etc. Having formulated that review and structure for the coming week (deep intention, loosely held), my schedule then turns to reading any of the accumulated articles or other material that takes time to consider and then closes the day with the resulting correspondence from considering these various elements, as well as that simply close to the heart “touching base” with loved ones.

It’s been a while since I felt both grounded and spacious enough to lean into these “luxury” elements of nonessential reading and correspondence. With Patience moving in this week, and LB leaning into building his exquisite skills in teamwork into the next level of Partner and Co-Leader, I’m feeling a new foundation around me and some subsequent sense of emergent opportunity.

The Cooper’s Hawk is circling outside in the evening sky, the temperatures having retreated from their mid-80s hi today, the evening will remain warm and the temperatures will climb into the week, but I digress from my feathered friend surveying the landscape just beyond my “Crows Nest” vantage point here high on the hill…

The light is golden outside, some contaminant in the air, perhaps dust from these hot, dry days, or maybe something ablaze… Hard to tell from here and I don’t feel like turning to news sources just now.

Speaking of which was interesting to note this morning that the daily news update from NPR failed to mention the “largest in the country’s history” social protests and uprising occurring in the former Russian state of Belarus. Over breakfast in the garden – just barely cool enough this morning – with Patience I was glad to see that the BBC featured a bit more heavily the more global issues at hand.

Of course wondering the future of the American democracy – whether the post office will be weaponized against a “sheltering at home” population – seems a fair consideration, the more full frontal focus of the NPR morning news. Personally I am a little curious about how “America” responds in the case that there were some illegitimate ursurption of leadership power in the country. (A discussion of whether this is already happened, to what degree, and by what nature and for how long of course comes to mind, but is well beyond the cognitive power of my mind this late in the day to be addressed in this writing. 😉 The fundamental question I mean to point to just now has mostly to do with the effectiveness of protest against a well organized and sufficiently militarized police force such as ours, as well as… Already my brain is melting. 🙂

The midday’s adventure today consisted of retiring to the garage with Patience and LB where the three of us “taught” LB the basics of electrical repair. For those of you following closely this means we have restored hot water service to the house! And there was much rejoicing ;-)!

It was a nice little theater of encouragement while Patience followed my lead on coaching LB through the process and demonstrated the necessary steps to empower him along the way as he adopted the skills of wire stripping, understanding, Hot, Neutral, and Ground distinctions and functions of wires, and the inherent capacity in each of us for DIY in times of need.

The sun is dropping low in the sky and there is a stomping whirring sound coming from the ceiling above me where LB is finishing blowing the pine needles off the roof as the workday comes to a close.

My body has had some residual discomfort the last few days. I’m not quite resolved yet what to make of it, whether it constitutes a return of pain from the lower spine which may precipitate a follow-up with the pain clinic for steroidal shots, or whether it may be something else. Just now as I say these words out loud, I think I might follow the lead on more lumbar support for the wheelchair backrest as a first step.

Note to self… Note to Andrew

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