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Kabir Kadre


|1 year, 4 months ago

It’s dark. These words begin my last installment, they are true again today.

I’m dressed all in black. Night has fallen. My friend and compatriot for the evening, Terra Firma, is dressed all in black as well.

“Look at us, looking like we are ready for a poetry slam.” She said with a smile on arriving this afternoon.

This theme was not planned. Here it is nearly 7 PM; dark.

My body has some distress running through it. The articles of task-based responsibility weave their way out before me, one after another falling gently into place, settling, jostling, making room as the threads of action come together in the flow of time.

The house was shown again today, at least six visitors I think. Eugenia and I will speak again on the matter on Monday.

Cassandra and I met new friend, Gable, this morning to introduce her to the prospect of Care Partner. Rising and show until went well; minor lightheadedness on the way to the shower, but all was accomplished in time.

After a short shuffle through the morning clerical, Cassandra and I ventured forth into the world, clearing the house for the day’s real estate engagements.

Carwash; gasoline; lunch, and to the oceanfront to eat lunch; the grocery market, and a leisurely wind home were to be the order of the day.

At lunch yesterday, the gang and I spotted a unique old car which, though drawing curiosity, eluded recognition. We even called on our old car expert friend, Rigo, to no avail.

After finding the most wandering and circuitous route home imaginable, Cassandra and I managed magically enough to happen again on the very same car, 20 miles south the previous day’s siting. Better photos now in hand, we sent the inquiry out to our friends once again.

As if that weren’t serendipity enough, some hours later as Elisa and I explored reflections together, covering ground from the latest finance technologies to the ghost car itself, there it appeared on the web… Not one like it, not the brand, but the very car itself came something full-circle home to our amusement and delight.

A woman approached me while I waited in the car at the grocery market today. She expressed upset at the car idling exhaust into the air while simply marked. She recognized and insisted at the wrongness that I should be letting that happen, instructing me to turn it off right away.

She didn’t ask why it was that way, who I was, she didn’t introduce herself or open a window for exchange of any kind, turning her back in retreat as quickly as she had arrived.

In dialogue I might have explained the importance of the car running for me to have the heater to stay sound in body. I might’ve expressed to her that the seemingly simple act of reaching over to turn the key off in the ignition was quite beyond my capacity.

The event echoed an experience from the parking lot from the lunch spot not long before.

On our arrival there, the “blue man” parking space was occupied (by a nondisabled individual I later observed), fortunately there was an easy street side parking available right in front. I waited in the car as Cassandra went in to place our order.

After the gentleman walked out of the restaurant, and drove away from the disabled spot, a few minutes later, another fellow pulled in, this time not parking in the designated space, but rather the territory to the right, the one generally set apart by diagonal lines.

These lines demarcate the space often necessary for a wheelchair user to disembark from their car, in certain circumstances blockages in this area of the parking zone can completely prevent the method of egress itself.

I watched as the man got out of his car, perfectly able-bodied and moving about (disabilities can certainly be not visible to the eye so this is never a surefire indicator someone doesn’t qualify for these parking areas), opening in turn both back doors, and finally the trunk of his car as he readied himself for whatever was his business on site.

He smiled at me as I watched him. I contemplated whether I should draw him into a discussion about the purpose of the hashmarks indicating the no parking zone into which he had perfectly fit his car. I said nothing.

This silence came back to me while I contemplated the woman’s admonitions and affect.

It’s dark now, but also a full moon, light will persist into the evening…

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