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Kabir Kadre

Easing through time

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 6 months ago

My neck hurts a bit. The body has a little dysreflexia running through it. The warmth of the day has passed, the night chill upon us. Of course it’s not night, just early evening. Still 5:45 PM.

That’s it. That’s all the bad news for now. 😉 And really I don’t suppose we can count cool air in December as bad news exactly.

The new month is upon us, the last of this raucous year. I remember January. Like I was stumbling into this year drunk and hung over, closed tattered, not much for prospects, the middle of Black Summer. The idea of 20/20 being about good vision still fresh in mind…

I would say I certainly have seen a few things by now, but not jumping the gun just yet, this year may still have a few surprises in store for us.

For my own affect, I’m not looking for this year to end as a relief, so much as an end to a certain kind of beginning. I really am quite awestruck to anticipate what may unfold in the coming decade.

I digress long. Vanessa is still coming back around from Hawaii time; this morning arriving somewhere closer to eight then seven, giving me ample time to meditate and prepare for the day after waking from deep sleep at just 6:40. Another restful evening. The house was still and silent, Nova had planned a 5 AM rising, I was quite certain she had not made that date after burning the candle at about six ends over the last few days.

I rose to a shower today, a practice that has lately been reserved for the evening times, and by lately of course I mean the last few years. Vanessa is new to the process, but getting the hang of it quickly. When the shower goes poorly, I come out of it chilled to the bone and not well set for whatever comes next. When it goes well, I can come out relaxed and energized. Our last encounter was the former, today the latter.

The backside still seems to be healing well, requiring little intervention and even less concern during the daylight hours.

Breakfast smoothie again in the warm winter rays, taking in the quiet of the garden and our little corner of the valley. “Are you going to miss the neighborhood?” Vanessa asked.

“I hope not.” I said, admiring the rich abundance of the surrounding hillsides.

David called to give his input on the draft trust documents. He will be the first alternate trustee.

An email came through from the property manager of the apartment we’ve been courting. Some mumblings of liability concerns of the landlords attorney if things are not brought to full ADA compliance (still at my expense.) I was directed to contact the attorney posthaste.

I composed a simple enough email to the attorney, CCed the property manager and Elisa (who have been following the process quite closely). Not surprisingly, no reply today, perhaps in the morning.

The midday brought my old friend Lisa, whom I’ve not seen for most of the year. She has always had a knack for making me look good and was coming by to compose my hair with her usual artistic flair. She has a stylist studio boiled down to a small armload, and we sat and chatted in the afternoon sun for a bit catching up before, with an easy swirl, the barber’s cape came out and was upon me.

Snip snip, buzz buzz, chat chat, little bits of hair frolicking in the gentle breeze and sparkling as they caught the light filled the air. 15, maybe 20 minutes later and we were on our way inside for tea and lunch.

Lisa is an artist of life, brushing painting, dancing, hair, business, family, and herself from head to toe in distinct colors and intriguing patterns. I always feel like I’m seeing one of Earth’s better animals when in her presence.

We finished our sandwiches and saw her out through the open garage and into the sun on her way to the next appointment. I took a few moments of letting the light soak into my body and back indoors to begin further looking for care.

Ahlea called, she and E on the way to pick up lunch. We discussed whether she might inherit my old phone or pick up a new one of her own, considering a move to a new carrier or stay where she is. Elliot made alien sounds. “I love you!” He said in closing.

Elisa called and we spent some time going over the trust. She is the first trustee.

Mike arrived, running the usual behind from his circuit route of seeing remarkable patients and weaving some kind of new (or perhaps much older) neighborly well-being throughout the community.

We chatted about the crypto markets, the ebbs and flows of my current life vicissitudes, and his as well. Not unlike Lisa before, at some point without threshold in the conversation, he turned and the hands-on portion of our osteopathic session was upon us.

The treatment went well and left me feeling more fully aware in my body. I asked if he had any experience identifying artwork from an estate with no clear history. He laughed, commenting that his house was decorated with the priceless works of five-year-olds. Indeed… Some of those priceless works are part of the current purge underway here in my home was well.

I sent him out the door with a smile and a couple of old canvases of Jett’s to be up cycled by Nathan and Dylan, his young collaborators.

Ahlea sent pictures, a house down the street from hers opening up. She sent photos and a map. Nova came through, reiterating her enthusiasm for our situation and intention to stay helpful, supportive, and engaged for the foreseeable future.

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