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Kabir Kadre|1 year, 6 months ago

For starters, happy anniversary to the mother of my daughter, thank you so much for giving birth to such a wonderful human being and for all the hard work you put in from there forward! She’s doing fantastic, congratulations! 🙂

Of course my faraway friend Kim has managed to embed herself permanently in my heart, not only for her bright and brilliant character, generous counsel, and feathered goodwill for the world, but also for sharing a birthday with my daughter. We may not speak every year, but I will certainly never forget her. 🙂

I woke up exhausted this morning, apparently it didn’t appear that way to others, but from where I was arriving, I felt like I had just completed a seven hour dream, during which I didn’t stop walking…

The dream opened with an announcement that the recent FSB hacks had knocked out Gmail and half the country was out of communication. For some reason I went directly to Apple headquarters in search of someone with whom to discuss the matter of national security.

That was the beginning, walking the hallways of a richly textured, ornamented, and warm and friendly colored production and development environment. My search for someone to talk to eventually led me into a meeting room where I participated briefly in an unrelated creative meeting which went very well and quickly.

Down the hall I could see daylight and made my way in search of a more pointed conversation. Outside I encountered an expansive roundabout with an open air castle like park in the middle with buttresses and archways throughout. I made my way throughout that structure, across the roadway and up the steps of the second building in the dreamworld campus.

I remember less about walking through that portion of the dream, but the theme of walking persisted…

Coming out a doorway I found myself far removed from the campus in a busy metropolis, looking around for familiar high-rise landscapes to bring me back on course. I could see that I was just beneath a large outdoor city park space bounded by concrete and stone terraces arching around the front face.

I stepped up these high stairs along the pathway a trickle water runoff to the plateau on which the museums and other attractions stood. Not finding my way I think I called someone at that point to get directions. A young man in dark sunglasses, a drug addict it seemed, approached me aggressively and as a matter of annoyance I had to inconspicuously wrestle a knife from his hand. I could feel that he was a distraction, and moments later found myself, still walking, in the third building on the campus…

I entered a wide and open atrium like space populated by many executives. Tim Cook was coming towards me about halfway across the stones, stopped to chat momentarily with others. I approached him and asked what was the biggest problem he was facing this week.

“Let’s see, it’s Saturday…” He said.

“So nothing serious?” I replied, inferring that any routine day-based problems were unlikely to be very severe.

I moved on and a moment later encountered tall and beautiful woman with curly blonde hair. She was walking back to her office across the expansive indoor executive plaza and we walked together. It felt like a quarter-mile, but in that distance we managed to fall in love a bit. She commented that she usually preferred taller men, and I politely asked directions to return towards the second building.

She sent me back out onto a crowded and busy street with clear instructions. Now aware of the dangers of these civic spaces, I was mindful of my surroundings but followed a very pedestrian rich and apparently friendly Street down to a wide public square.

I think I woke up somewhere about there, but feeling a sense of effort extended.

Nova was up and getting her morning coffee in the kitchen. Molly came in a few minutes later, down the hall to say hello. Cassandra would be just a few minutes behind. The three ladies would gather in my care, for Cassie to imbue some of her long won wisdom and skill in the arena.

It was a beautiful atmosphere of smiling faces and playful sharing, a lovely way to start a Saturday morning.

After a shower, Kassandra ducked out to run a few errands and Molly completed getting me up and out and down for breakfast, warm oatmeal with all the fixings.

With Molly I found myself rather talkative on the subject of spirituality, so much so that I had to wonder later where all the energy was coming from.

I realized later what it was. She has a distinct, somewhat secular, but nature based “spiritual but not religious” quality to her current inquiry and I found it has inspired in me a greater curiosity around the subject of the construct of “spiritual.”

I discovered that to me, the term spirit seems to imply some significance of boundary between “here” and wherever “spirit” seems to come and go between… I discovered I’m not very satisfied with the idea of the boundary as having any substantive value in realizing more fully my nature of self and presence here.

I recognized I have a sense of boundary and layers in the cosmic state of existence, even a place perhaps for “spirit” as some aspect of what transcends the boundaries, but as for “presence,” and “here,” for those to have real meaning for me, I think they must contain the entirety…

Just as we were finishing breakfast, Molly puzzled at the fact that her partner Adam had been insistently calling for the past few minutes and stepped away to find out the hubbub.

She returned horrified. A friend with whom they had spent the day before in the park, masked and socially distanced, had reported discovering a previous exposure to the pandemic just days before.

I couldn’t help myself, I laughed out loud. This world will certainly have its way. 🙂

The news precipitated, as one might imagine, much discussion, even Cassandra, Nova, and myself sitting down later outside for a more formal meeting on the subject. But I will come quickly to the short to say…

A text came through from Molly with good news, her friend has tested negative since the encounter. I’ll probably get a test one of these days anyway just for good measure, but for now, much relief throughout the kingdom.

I enjoyed a late morning chat with Katie in the Oregon homeland, while I soaked in the sunshine coming in warm from the cold outdoors through the wide office window. Cassandra trimmed back my nails while I chatted, and Katie and I sourced wisdom together, through hints of tears, laughter, smiles, and even that subtle sense of conflict that arises in the space of creativity.

I spent some time in the afternoon organizing for the creative project work I’ve been hired to do, and brushing up on some graphic design skills that will come in handy on that matter and others.

Elisa called and we put in a good 90 minute effort building out a more coherent strategy to explore staying in the house at Mill Peak which today begins to seem even a bit more feasible. We came out a conversation with marching orders for each of us and should have a better sense of direction by early next week.

That conversation echoed the morning email from one of the nice properties we’ve applied for recently, inviting us to sign the lease and go forward. Each of these alone and both more significantly together have left me feeling a warmer sense of buoyancy in the cosmos at large.

Meanwhile I continue to watch and study the field of bitcoin and related technological and political intervention on the matter, though the I word much better describes the former than the latter. The latter rather gives rise to an elegant view of the community of innovation coming together to meet the ignorance of the latter.

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