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Kabir Kadre

Dreams and memories and tomorrow…

Kabir Kadre|2 years, 7 days ago

As I had perhaps dared to hope, today has begun a little more gently than yesterday. After a trying afternoon, I made my way to resting last evening with only minor hiccups along the way. I slept soundly and dreamt of friends both near and far.

This morning we are continuing to introduce new friend, Faith, to the processes of care continuing to refine in this little corner of the Adobe Falls Valley. Faith brought Helen as well whom I met briefly on the telephone just a few days ago and who joined us in person this morning to begin to bring her practice of care into this field as well.

As I write, Caitlin is leading the three of them around the space for a general introduction to the various nuances of our physical environment here.

My friend Katie called this morning while I was rising, with everything going on, I almost didn’t answer, but then the phone rang a second time – technical difficulties on her end causing the line to seem dead – Faith answered, but nothing, so we called back. It was a moment for me of resting on my side, taking pressure off the buttocks to allow a little scratch to continue healing; it was a perfect time just to chat.

Katie offered to help me format and make beautiful a piece I will be using in the next round of MettaCare funding and I literally had to stop, just to breathe as tears welled up. “Thanks again for breaking my heart this morning” I said to her later. It’s an enormous edge of time and space I feel in my life today. I do suspect that it is this way for many of us, at the same time I’m learning to lean in to the unique quality of my own experience.

This gentle offer of kindness for something that has been looming on my plate, and is yet so simple given the right experience and tools, allowed me for a moment to appreciate in my body what this kind of spontaneous lovingkindness and care can hold as we move through the beauties and challenges of life together.

I’m going to close now, leaving a piece of writing I did for the Facebook page of my grade school alma mater. That school, it’s culture, and community had a profound effect on setting the tone of my early and foundational dispositions.

“I just dreamt last night of going to the memorial service for my kindergarten best friend from Sussex school over 40 years ago. Jeremiah Thompson passed away later doing what he loved on the ski slopes of Montana. We were teenagers then and had mostly lost contact except for the occasional running into one another about town.

Our friendship was one of those of early days, not complexified by time and age and other nuance, and my memory of Jeremiah is similarly innocent and pure. I will carry a deep love for him and our friendship all of my days.

In my dream, his father, Gray, was leading a wide circle of us through a recitation of teachings (prayers) that I recognized as being from ancient Tibetan traditions. We were in a large building, not dissimilar in character to the old governor’s mansion that houses the original building of Sussex today.

It was a sacred space and of course Bente was there, and many other faces in the dream whom I recognized. The dream felt special, and I wondered about cycles of time.

I woke with the contemplation that the body of Sussex alumni, from all time, is still young enough that most of us are alive today. I suspect and hope the fortunately most of those who have passed on from this community have been the elders and the teachers, and fewer of us, the students. (Of course what makes Sussex Sussex is that we are all learners. 🙂

There will be a time in the future when that begins to shift, it will mark a stage in the development and evolution of this very special community.

I wanted to take a moment to honor and appreciate all that this community has been, is today, and will be in the future. Thank you all for playing! 🙂

This moment I must also make special note of Kathy Liszak who passed away recently as many of you will know. She was my arts and literature teacher many years ago, and stories of her and her influence, like Jeremiah, continue to surface to this day.

I appreciate all of you, known and unknown, never forget to treasure what we have had, and what we have today.” ??

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