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Kabir Kadre

Don’t start swimming yet

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 6 months ago

They say you can’t start swimming in the flood until the water is up to your hips… I definitely still feel like I’m wading in this little seachange of mine, and probably ours as well…

Today has been largely “off book…” After a late night, both Nova and myself slept in a bit today. I stirred first, but just barely, sitting up and taking a few breaths into the morning. A few minutes later, the door sound from the end of the hall, and the padding footsteps making their way to say hello.

She grabbed a glass of water for me, and a cup of Joe for herself and reclined on the open side of the bed to wake up and check in for a bit. A little morning phlegm, the kind we usually just clear our throat and move on from, in my case decided to take center stage.

Some mornings, I’ll get this little tickle in the throat that increases until it feels like I’m about to drown. It really is mostly nothing, just in the absence of diaphragm, nothing seems to do the job.

Alone I’ll generally have to go through 30 minutes of raising and lowering the bed, hacking and spluttering until in a moment or two, everything clears. With help, I can bring my knees to chest and/or do a little range of motion of the legs to shift the viscera in such a way as to create the necessary compression for a little gust of wind to make the difference.

Our casual morning respite was interrupted for just such an occasion. And we were off. Covers back, knees to chest, cough, cough, all is right with the world, but no lounging about today…

Once up and about, just after nine, I started the morning with news while Nova, covering for our under the weather friend, jumped through the shower and freshened up for the day. She had a 10 AM class, and I separately as well.

In my inbox was a nice note from some friends across the pond who just launched a rich little video about one of the better ideas I’ve seen yet regarding how to address some of our intractable global dilemma. They’ve been slowly growing an understated movement without a lot of marketing noise, but an apparent steady build of impact and momentum. A breath of fresh air on which to start the day.

I was also reminded that today marks the 10 year anniversary of the Arab Spring, an event that feels like yesterday, though at the same time I found myself surprised not to have recalled its humble but stark beginnings.

Also on my radar was the reports of ongoing cyber attacks throughout the US infrastructure. I myself have noted direct experience of Google and a number of other websites proving unreliable, just in the last few days. I commented on Twitter how strange it is to me that we’ve been overlooking the actual nature of our nation as under siege, only to discover the whispers of this very concern beginning to make their way to the surface of our somnambulations on the national stage.

Nova returned from the shower, fresh and smiling, eager for my breakfast order, which I was glad to say I had discerned from the morning fog. Toasty Deluxe it would be, a recipe I came up with about five years ago consisting of toast with ghee, slathered in almond butter, under banana slices, cacao nibs, and bee pollen, delicious and well recommended.

We finished eating just in time for our respective classes. Nova retreated to her room, and I tuned in to a free offering from an audio software company I’ve admired for a number of years now, to learn a little bit more about the technical side of podcasting, a field I hope to enter sometime in the new year.

I learned about microphones, some editing tips, and some of the limits of my current set up – manageable – and about 90 minutes through figured I’d had a good dose, turning my attention to more pressing matters.

I stepped through some of the outstanding paperwork for the SNT attorney and started flipping through my projects list to organize a working overview of what is to come in the foreseeable future in terms of dedications of my time. Framing these reflections is something I’ve enjoyed doing every few years now, always in some visual graphic format to give me an at a glance reference to help focus my attention.

The pairing of the two activities, one quite acute, and the other spanning the local to the lifetime, appears a nice poetry upon this moment of reflection.

Next in the diary was a meeting with my friend Dennis to discuss doing some work for him in my formal capacity as Beauty Maven for the Precision Healthcare Ecosystem. He has been hard at work leading the charge on developing public facing online learning tools which are nearing completion and a grand public unveiling.

I’m excited, as I’ll get to focus on producing a polished presentation on the final product to take back by way of beautiful report to our benefactors on the project as a whole. I expect I’ll learn a lot with this, and as Dennis suggests, probably come out the other side with a more multicurrency personal benefit, beyond just the mono capital paycheck, which won’t hurt either.

Dennis sent an email yesterday which had me fairly well caught up to the project, but he did have an Easter egg in store for me today. I had known that he was looking for an artist to do some work on the e-course, but that was all. Today he revealed whom they had found. I had already envisioned a fairly beautiful final product for my offering into the collaboration, but this took what I could hope for to even the next level.

We spoke for 90 minutes and one of the themes for me was a sense of breathless admiration for the cohort of individuals with whom I have the pleasure of working in this life.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon working out the content of the projects review, fielding a brief call from a potential future care partner, taking a little coffee break with the lady of the house, and touching base with Elisa.

Tomorrow I will linger long in bed in the morning. We are still waiting for news of the test results, and so leaning lightly on the Care Field has a whole. I will likely be up in time for lunch, but will at least be grateful for a little extra meditation window and the larger screen “phone” to help me work from bed.

My ankle appears as though it continues to heal, another morning of keeping it elevated will undoubtedly benefit the process.

Midafternoon, Katie texted, “Meanwhile the creatures not thinking about BTC?” accompanying the text, a short video I wish I was able to link here, just over three minutes from around the world, just little vignettes of grazing sheep against mountain vistas, or penguins in Antarctica, divers with friendly sea life, a man on roller blades with not a small dog on his back, and a dozen other movements to make you smile. It worked, it was unanimous between the ladies here and myself, good interlude.

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