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Kabir Kadre|1 year, 6 months ago

I didn’t make it outside today to inspect the momentary relative heatwave that I understand was blowing through. It was cooler yesterday. It will be cooler tomorrow. Today was mostly overcast.

My body feels overcast. The bimonthly catheter change this morning went smoothly enough, though with a little irritation that has persisted through the day. The ankle is still tender, and a little swollen, no shoes today.

Another day where the clerical reigned supreme. Attorneys on four fronts, three of them my own, documents, finance, mitigating credit card fraud, meetings…

The morning was broken from the routine by a call from our friends at Casa who had invited me to a bit of a marketing research interview/conversation. Like any good company they were reaching out to learn more about their intended community and audience. Unlike any company I’ve seen before, they generously offered me a gift for my time valued at $60, for the hour.

They were interested in the habits and directions of attention, and channels of intersection that move through me and around me in the fields of crypto currency, so the hour was a bit of storytelling, a bit of philosophizing, a bit of brainstorming, and a bit of reflecting all woven together.

Any who know me know that sounds like the basic buffet of my favorite conversational activities. (For those taking notes, we would add a bit of inquiring into the other to round it all out. 😉

Vanessa was with me, keeping house and organization moving forward on peripheral and in synergy, some moments more active than others. We managed to order some medical supplies, currently at about 60% markup… We ordered fewer than planned. With a bit of technical support, we got the new scanner up and running and boxes prepped for the move.

Still waiting for word on a couple of fronts regarding housing, with particularly strong prayers headed towards the Gateway region of the world (feel free to sprinkle in your own. 😉 A lot is lining up behind that particular break in the dam as once the new place is secured, moving and selling can commence with force.

As the evening wears in my body continues to degrade in its sensation. Three ibuprofen – a rare occurrence, have just been added to my diet for the evening. I will turn to winding down now.

Much more to do tomorrow. And I still have to find a window for those little luxuries like delving into Fionn’s map a little further. Discipline is the word for this little window of time…

Oh and yes, I almost forgot, one of the highlights of the day – I interviewed a bright yogini meditator who sounds a marvelous fit for our little MettaCare practice. Training and introductions begin tomorrow.

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