Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

December 28 – Laying Low

|1 year, 6 months ago

Laying low; “under the weather“ as they say.

I slept soundly through the night, soundly and long. I stirred to hear the rain thundering down outside.

Then in the morning, nearly at the stroke of seven, I was suddenly awake. A jolt of autonomic dysreflexia brought me from slumber to attention.

I had kept data before, and I’m sure if I had kept up it would likely confirm my suspicions this morning, that’s something of stormy weather can intercept my physiology in such away as to create sloughing, or otherwise disruptive experience.

I need a case of the sudden shift of state appear to have something to do with a temporary blockage from the bladder, and was resolved after an hour or so of meddling.

clearly, the day was off to a start.

The wound, Alice as we are now referring to it, continues to heal well, but I as these things are, is taking its time.

Resignedly I decided to commit another day to bed. (I almost said “one more“, but I am too now experienced for such hopeful statements.)

At one point I imagined I would be productive from bed. I rarely am. As the day wore on I found the sense of bodily discomfort persistent at a low-grade, but functionally distracting degree.

I did manage a short call to the bank to investigate some mortgage options, And bacon fortune enjoyed a few other calls with loving friends, but alas productivity was not to be the order of things.

Without back or call, Nova appeared moments after I woke, springing into cheerful action. Just minutes behind her came the lovely Vanessa, also landing in motion for the morning.

It took a while to settle things, and eventually we made our way through body maintenance and breakfast to a little window for meditation.

Vanessa and I sat for a short while. Late in the session, discomfort sprang to the fore again in my body, moments behind that, the rain.

Sweet suspicions. 🙂

The day was mostly private, in my room alone. Vanessa, and later Molly, finding much to attend to in the household.

With Molly we are currently testing her repairs on the fountain and should have confirmations of our good fortune and success, or needs to try again, Tomorrow.

I will rest tonight, looking forward to the possibilities of Tuesday morning, the last of this 2020, and what we may find to learn or give, or with good fortune both, in that little window of time.

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